TSMM predictions/suggestions?

We’re going to be at WDW during the time when no FPS are available for TSMM. Aside from trying to get on at RD, any ideas on when to ride?

Any guesses on what this will do to wait times? Will. they increase because of no FPs and reduced ride capacity, or will they go down because fewer people will try to ride?

I’m going in mid-June. As we are going to try to do Jedi training first thing just after RD, I have my TP set for a 10:30 arrival. At that time, there is an expected 45 minute wait at TSMM. I would assume wait times would likely increase throughout the afternoon, then possibly dwindle late into the evening.

I also don’t know if wait times at TSMM have been adjusted for reduced track capacity @len, can you weigh in on this?

Does a 45 minute wait assume all 3 tracks running?

Have to let a moderator answer that one.

Or I can quote @Len from the WDWMagic site where he answered a very similar question.

"We’ve already updated to TSM wait times to account for reduced capacity and no FP availability. The ride hasn’t operated like this, so the first couple weeks will be interesting.

The lack of FP should lower standby times. The lack of extra capacity should almost exactly offset that. So it could be a wash."


We’re going over the post-opening crowd forecasts now. Should have them updated and out by end of week.