TSMM FP+ only this week?

Seeing reports that Toy Story Mania is operating as FastPass only this week today thru Friday, no Standby or DAS at all. Guest relations isn’t able to do anything but take complaints either,

I haven’t seen any confirmation about no DAS but the standby part seems to be true. I’d be fairly surprised if they said no DAS.

There was FP availability left today when I checked but that was an hour ago.

I would guess that by going to strictly FP only that would increase the available FPP by a pretty significant number for each hour. At least I sure hope so. Wouldn’t want to be the CM at that line today.

Why, oh why, do you think they would do this? Why do they keep experimenting with this around the parks?

How it affects operating capacity, how it would run if they built the 3rd track for standby only, how a super headliner would work with only FP+…

Whether it’s all FPP or a mix of FPP and SB, the same number of people are going to be able to experience an attraction in a given 10 hour operating day. By making it FPP only, theoretically, that same number of people will spend less collective time on line (read more time in the stores). The fact is, Disney benefits as much (or more) from short lines as the guests do. For those of us who obsessively plan, this could work to our favor as there will be a greater number of FPs available at 60/30 days. The people who will be hurt is the John Q. Family, from Anywhere, USA, who doesn’t know about advanced planning and shows up with no ADRs or FPPs (yes folks, that actually DOES happen) who might be blocked out of some rides. But the more I think about it, the more I think it could work…

What is NOT acceptable is that they did this unannounced the day of. Knowing that a ride is FP ONLY could have serious effects on intital FPP selections - that were done 60 days prior. I was unable to get a FPP for 7DMT for my Nov trip, so am planning on riding standby. I would be SERIOUSLY pissed if I got there only to find out that it was “FPP only this week”…


Theoretically the number doesn’t change but in practice it can, depending on how the merge point works. That bottle neck was mainly why the Mansion ditched FP the first time, it actually hurt numbers.

This is total speculation, but they could make it “FPP only” but release a certain number of FPP at certain points - X amount 60 days out, Y amount 30 days out, and the rest day of. It would be interesting to see how that would change things.