I plan to be at RD at HS. My first attraction will be TSMM as I FPP RnR and Star Tours. My optimized TP has me arriving at TSMM at 828 and waits of 36 minutes (crowd level 4). Why is the arrival at 828 if I will go right there? This TP has me spending > 1 hour at TSMM at RD. I had hoped to do TSMM, T oT, RnR with FPP, GMR, and ST with FPP before making a 1100 ADR out of park. What gives? Completely unreasonable?

I’m curious what date you are going. Several of us going at the end of November and beginning of December have been having the same issues. I just evaluated another TP and used to have a 3 minute wait for RnR at rope drop and it now has it as a 17 minute wait. Days for the other parks have all did the same thing. Yet the crowd level hasn’t changed at all. You are not alone.
I think that you should be able to do your original plan in plenty of time. Good luck.

Nov 22. A 34 min wait at RD was surprising but a 28 min walk to arrive at TSMM from RD was even stranger. Criscrossing HS is not even a 28 min walk IMO.

“RD” is a broad term. If you’re at the front of the “RD pack”, then I think those times are kind of long. If you’re at the back of the “RD pack”, you’re going to be behind a seething mass of humanity, and it WILL take an unusually long time to get there. During that time, as about 80% of the people ahead of you are also going to TSMM, then a 20 min wait does not seem out of line…