TSL plan - realistic?


Assuming that I can’t get a SDD FP, would it be realistic to think we could RD SDD (9am opening) and be done in time to check in before 10am for a TSM FP (FP window would be 9-10)? If possible I’d like to book all 3 FP that day before our SciFi lunch reservation which is at 11:50. So I really need to schedule them at 9, 10, and 11. I don’t want to be still waiting in line for SDD and lose my first FP though.


If you’re in front of the RDing throng I’m sure it would work. Not sure how early before park opening you’d have to get there though.


Plenty of time. Also consider that you have a 10 minute grace period…so you’ll be OK if you scan in by 10:10.


Very realistic. You could move your FPP’s up in time as hour progress though your morning too