TSL EMM questions

We are doing TSL EMM the first week of August. SDD is our biggest focus but hope to do the other 2 rides once each. Characters are not a main focus since our kids are a little older. We are hoping to beat the rope drop crowd to ToT. I saw 1 post about this but would welcome any more info. What time to leave TSL? We are wanting to go back to have breakfast before 10. Able to get any other rides in before breakfast? We have FPP+ for RnR later. Thanks

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will try again

We tried this, but were definitely too late. And unfortunately, RNRRC was down the day we did it. You need to leave the land before 8:45 - that is when the swarm of people will start entering TSL and you will be swimming upstream and it is very difficult to get out! I recommend leaving by around 8:40. I thought EMM ended at 9am like it does at MK, but I was wrong and didn’t check ahead of time. Maybe others will have experience where they were successful! The TOT line was already 40 minutes when we got there.

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Thanks for info!

If we leave TSL at 8:40, will we be able to walk all the way to ToT or will we be stopped along the way somewhere?

I’m not sure since I never made it - hopefully someone who has had success will be able to report back. By the time we made our way through the crowd of people, we were able to head straight to TOT without stopping…but everyone else was ahead of us.