TSL before RNR and TOT?

I have a fp for SDD. I was wondering if I should do TSM at rope drop while everyone runs (OK walks with purpose) to SDD if they open TSL 15 minutes early. If we went right after TSM to RNR and TOT would we be at the front of those crowds too, or is that what everyone else does? We are going the second week of May.

My guess would be that you would be ahead of a lot of people, but not everybody because plenty will go straight to RnRC and TOT to try to get a few rides in on those while most are at TSL.

I’d put it in a touring plan and see what the waits look like.

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This is our usual touring plan (pre TSL). Other things to consider - I hear TSMM is now a relatively easy 4th FPP to get and ToT is operating at reduced capacity. So I would do a personalised plan as suggested above, but maybe tend toward doing ToT and RnR

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