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We are taking DGS4.5 week of Sept. 8-14 haven’t been for 20 yrs. So even hoped for cl’s 2 to 5 still would of been a bit of a shock for us!! My question for all of you (that have been so helpful so far) is should we move or TSL day from Fri to Wed to avoid long weekenders coming for SW or don’t worry about changing the plan go w/the flow and have a blast no matter what. Thanks for any advice offered.

Are you staying on site? If so maybe aim for EMH HS days. CMs suggest that these may be extended to 2 hours.

Thanks We are on site, have they posted those hrs. yet? ADR coming mid week! Best laid plans haha!

At the moment they are showing the 8th as an EMH day but CL7 because it is a Sunday and the 11th as normal opening but a CL4. Why not book ADRs for both days early and then later ADRs at other parks or plan a F&W lunch, so leaving your options open until more information becomes available?

Solid advice, thanks

CLs haven’t been updated yet though. Coming Monday I believe.

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I am going and I am going to have fun, lots of it…I have decided!:joy:


I would plan to RD EMH and go right to TSL.

My fear is that RD - even am EMH RD - is going to be an absolute nightmare because of SWGE. Therefore, I would also be prepared to see what this looks like once opening day has arrived, and be very much prepared to curtail your plans.


Understand potential for rd craziness. At the end of the day our last afternoon playing in the pool at CBR will be as much fun for DGS 4.5 as anything! We WILL have a good time SW or not.

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I am honestly predicting they will have to have two lines for DHS.One for Star Wars, one for everyone else.

Even EMH will be totally mobbed. That will mean that at the actual park opening, not everyone will have even got into Galaxy Edge, so the Star Wars line could still be at 3 hrs + as all the offsite guests turn up 2 hrs early and swell the numbers.

So anyone with ADRs or FPs for the rest of the park will need to have a separate line, otherwise they won’t make it. That also means you will likely have to exit the park to join the GE line. There just isn’t room in the park to manage the lines they will have. But how anyone else will get to Star Tours or Muppets I’m not sure, they’ll have to cross the line for GE to get to the rides. It’s a logistical nightmare.

The problem is that some people will, literally, be happy to stay in GE all day. I wonder if you will be alllowed to jump back in the ride line again? I doubt it to be honest, otherwise the line to enter GE will not move…(And yet when both rides open they would have to let you go from one to the other, so I have no idea how that will work). With only one ride open the rest of the land will be packed.

Then when they do finally exit GE, will they then do the rest of the park or just leave?

I think phased closures will also be the norm for weeks. Having an ADR or an FP will be crucial, staying onsite at least means you will be amongst the last to be denied entry.


This would be ideal for sure.

Actually, did they do that for Pandora?

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