TS in MK or mono loop

DDs and DW are planning CRT after BBB next trip. For the cost DS and I would rather just go somewhere else. What would your recommendations be for dinner. We were thinking LTT, CP, Ohana, Or GF cafe. Others I should be thinking of? CMs and BOG are going to be done with rest of family other times.

What time? The meal might make a difference.

Pretty much all the Monorail Resorts have great eatery’s in them! GF Cafe is a great one, as is the Wave at The Contemporary. I really like Kona but there seems to be a number of people here who does not. I have always had a great meal there tho. As for higher end places … California Grill is an amazing experience, Citricos and Narcoosees are wonderful too. But they are also signatures so are more costly.

Does your soon like sushi? Cg might be really fun and if you have sushi and dessert for a reasonable price. I’ve rarely seen a bad review of kona. ohana on the other hand has been getting some really mixed reviews lately.

It would be 5-6 pm. Thanks for the ideas already.

Didn’t think about some of those based on cost. But forgot that they are not set prices. So buying one entree and splitting between the two of us would make some of those become options. With kids I’m so used to only eating at the buffet set price kind of TS.

Ltt gets better reviews at lunch. I would say kona or maybe even 1900pf, the step sister’s are supposed to be really fun. Especially with teasing young boys lol.

You could also take the boat over to the Wilderness Lodge. I have not eaten at any of the restaurants there so I can’t comment on the food but it would be a cool place to check out.

Your avatar rocks. That is all.

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Thanks! We usually stay at WL or POR so we were hoping to try something new next trip.

In the MK, Tony’s might be a good option; it’s decent Italian food and right there on MS.

The Plaza is a nicely priced TS option at MK. We really enjoyed eating there! Good burgers and sandwiches, great service!

I think y’all should try 'Ohana. My family loves it! And you’ll definitely leave full :smile: