TS Grog Grotto RD + length of time

So planning on RD TS in the poly over labor day weekend. Opens at 4, i guessing line up around 3:30 pm.

Since it is drinking, you can stay as long as you want, but how long to take to enjoy atmosphere before heading to eat at Ohana?

Assuming a 4pm entry, would 1.5 hrs be good enough? or will i see all the major things in the first hour. I am fine with not searching/finding every adventure reference, etc. Just wanted to order drink, see some effects, etc.

Thinking in general Ohana should be 6pm, in case I cannot enter at 4 - that gives some breathing room and some explore time at the poly.

Does that seem reasonable?

Sorry, what is TS?

Trader Sams.

That should be plenty

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I can’t comment on how early to get in line, but 1.5 hours should be at least enough time.

You don’t actually have to wait in line. You’ll give the skipper at the door your cell number and get a message when there’s room for you. The earlier you give your number, the more likely you’ll be in the first wave seated. I don’t believe the skipper even appears until 3:30.


even better. sweet. so check-in, maybe get a lapu lapu from tambu lounge before hitting trader’s sams :slight_smile: :cocktail:

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