TS for lunch or dinner

What is everyone’s opinion use your TS credit at lunch or dinner?

DDP or out of pocket?

On DDP dinner, otherwise lunch

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I think it depends on the time of year. I prefer a break at lunch time in the hotter months.


DDP…I know dinner should be most expensive but I’m not sure by how much

We are going early May. Never been in May but I’m sure it will be hot

Is that Disney dining plan or deluxe dining plan?

Sorry just dining plan

I think you are right, dinner may be a better value. In May the heat should not be overwhelming

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We always book a lunch, mostly because i go with little ones who are too tired by dinner time.

I like late lunch to get a break from the crowds and the heat.

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I’m another fan of lunch. Gives my legs a break and its a relief from the heat. May isn’t incredibly hot, but we’ve been in April and there were a few days where we wanted indoors and in AC. Lets me recharge where after dinner I start to drag

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I typically have TS lunch and dinner (which is why I don’t use the DDP). If for some reason I decided to use the DDP. I would definitely have my TS at dinner. I have occasionally done QS for lunch to eat on the go, but for me, dinner has to be a sit-down meal.