Trying to understand FPP

Hope I ask this question correctly. I am staying on site for 7 nights. I have an 8 day ticket with park hopper (since we want to utilize the day we arrive and the day we depart). When my fast pass day comes around, do I get to book 7 days worth of FPP or 8 days?

Also, if I only get to book 7 days, when will the 8th day be available? at 30 days out or 60?

Following…a friend told me you get all 8 days but I don’t know if it’s true.

You will get all 8 days. The length of FPP bookings is gated by the ticket length - the room booking just turns on the 60 day timer for you…

Damavs answered already, but just want to say:

Be aware that sometimes your FPP booking window can open a day early, so might be worth checking 61 days out too just in case.
(I haven’t heard of any pattern to why it happens to some people and not others.)