Trying to make lemonade with these lemons y’all!

Searching for something to lift my spirits. We are starting our 6th week of at-home school tomorrow. My kids have hardly been out of the house during that time frame. We miss our friends and our life. So, today I decided to book a trip to the World this summer.

Cheers to pipe dreams, am I right?!?

Arrival is July 26th. The same week I took my kids last summer and I’ll be doing it solo again!! I am tentatively excited. I have a room only res and very aware we may not be able to go. But, I’m enjoying planning as if we are and it’s providing an escape during the madness that is quarantine day 36 or so…

Things I’m excited about this trip -

  • my youngest is turning 4 in May and just crossed 38”. Looking forward to all four kids doing JTA together and having DD4 experience some “big kid” stuff she couldn’t last February.
  • 4P1D. Yes, I’m that nuts. I am going to attempt this solo with four kids under 10 at the end of July in Orlando. It’s gonna be amazing.
  • BWI. Loved the BW with DH in Feb and can not wait to experience it with the kids and enjoy the freedom being able to walk to the parks with them will offer us.

I feel like we all need a parks related “I’m going to Disney World!!!” post don’t we?!? :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


In the meantime, try these videos:


I’m happy for your excitement! It’s always good to have vacations on the horizon (even if it’s a moving target). My next trip was scheduled for November, but since the madness has begun and we have no ideas about future operations, I have started planning back up trips for end of February 2021 and end of May 2021. :crossed_fingers: we all get to go back soon!


Your excitement is contagious! Making me a little more hopeful for October—. Keep posting plans!

And yes I miss these fun posts!


Thanks! It’s good to have something to look forward to. And totally makes sense to plan a couple of backup trips!


I do too!!! Ugh, come back real life!! I keep trying to maintain perspective. It’s been 5 weeks. That’s not a long time. But it feels like it’ll last forever.

And I’ve got a trip in September too so hopefully you and I both get a fall trip!!

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Ha yes! And also that they can’t put an “end date” on it, makes it feel
Never ending! So nice to have something to look forward to.

Did you make ADRs?

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Just did. Lots of availability. We’ll be a party of 5 which is always a little trickier but I managed to get some decent stuff. Will just watch res finder for the rest! :raised_hands:t3:


Same! And the neighborhood kids congregating as usual is making it harder for my kid.


Good for you! We had a June trip that I pushed back to July and I’m worried it’ll have to push even further back to next July! (Planning around the schedules of a middle schooler and a college student, whose available dates really don’t overlap except in the summer.) But for now I’m still pretending it’ll happen this year. Keeps me sane.

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I was eyeing the first full week of July but shifted it until later in the month. Mainly because I want to hold off buying tickets For the kids (I have an AP) until WDW reveals their reopening plan. With FP day on May 27th I’m hopeful we’ll have at least a decent idea of how the summer might look for the resort and I can make a better decision than I would’ve been able to make with a May 6th FP day.

I’m hopeful for our July trips!!! It’s good to have something to look forward to for sure.