Trying to get Elsa and Anna wait down

Hi all

First trip this May. We’re hitting Epcot first. DD is not a huge character fan except for Elsa and Anna. They are the only ones we are planning on trying to meet. This is my evaluated TP (not optimized) with an emphasis on NOT criss crossing. Is there a way to get the time down for the meet and greet? I’m also hoping to pull an extra FP for Soarin. Any other suggestions?

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I believe your best bet will be to see anna and elsa right after riding frozen. If you are willing and able to get an 8am Akershus reservation you can be first in line for frozen and then walk right in the m&g. If not, get there early and be front of pack at rd to get to frozen.

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When I’ve observed wait times and played around, it’s consistently around 20 minutes. I would do it right after FEA. Your wait there will be less if you TD well and then you can go to M&G with a lower time. This way you also aren’t going back and forth. You have FPP right after so definitely do the M&G before them.

FWIW, when I did it in September, the time said 20 minutes, but I walked right up to the door, was sent into the waiting area, and within 5 minutes was in a room with Anna and Elsa.

If there are no guests out in front, it likely will be much less than 20 minutes.


The same thing happened to us when we went to see them - wait time said 20 minutes but it only took 6!


What did TP estimate though?

This is super helpful. I’m concerned about fatigue at Epcot with all the walking so I really like the idea of doing things in order. I was originally concerned that all the RD folks doing FEA would go right next to the character greeting. But it sounds like that shouldn’t be too much of a worry? Knowing where lines end indicate actual instead of posted time is really great! Thanks. We aren’t doing Akershus as I don’t think my daughter would get much from it and my husband doesn’t eat breakfast. Also, no reservations available!

I don’t do the plans. I tried and tossed it 30 minutes in.

We waited 20 minutes on a CL 8 day around noon so I can’t imagine it is ever much longer than that. It is a cool queue and air conditioned so the wait doesn’t seem that long. Play a game of looking at the items in the queue. Waiting is there better than spending the same amount of time walking to avoid waits!


Agree with HeidelJ. Breakfast at 8am sharp. Its not bad and 1 credit on the DDP. There’s a Belle photo op and small princess parade that usually includes Mary Poppins. The food is fine too. Explain you want to pay the bill up front so you can just go for FEA. Then straight to the m&g to meet Anna & Elsa. If this isn’t for you it’s possible to meet quite freely (less than 30 mins) during morning or late afternoon. They are less popular now.

I feel like we are going at a good time… before Frozen 2 and Star Wars hit. It’s going to be years before we go back.

Thanks for all the ideas and mostly for helping me know it won’t be that bad. Cross fingers!