Trying to Formulate Reasonable Food & Wine Expectations

Disney Food Blog had 41 items on their “best of” list.

I have never been to F&W and we have two days there. Taking into account portion sizes and lines, how much of my wish list should I reasonably budget for?

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I as well took a look at that list. It doesn’t appear to be the “best of F&W”; it’s more of a “Best of each and every stand”. She appeared to have picked the best food item from each of the stands, regardless of whether Item #2 from Ireland’s stand is 10x better than the impossible burger. There’s not really the stratification I’d have expected. I’d recommend going through the lists yourself and check out the pictures of all of them.

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I’m OK with her picks for the most part and have also watched other vloggers to see their opinions. There will always be differences of opinion and she gives me a starting place so that I’m not overwhelmed my first trip. I watched one vlogger love the venison stew and say they’d get it again and another vlogger complain that it looked nothing like its photo and felt misled a bit.

What I’m trying to figure out is how much is reasonable to accomplish.

I always go through the app first and then mark what I want to try. Then I look and determine if I am just going to go to 2 or 3 booths and try multiple items, or just one item at more booths.

What’s a good number of items to try? If I’m not eating actual meals but instead planning on snacking around F&W, what makes a meal? 2 items? 4?

I’m really lost here.

That kind of depends on your appetite and pocketbook, and also whether you’ll be sharing items and also if and what you’ll be drinking. Beer and ciders will definitely take up more stomach space though wine and cocktails will lighten your wallet (and your head) faster. Lines will vary greatly depending on when you go… weekends are the longest, by quite a lot, while noon-6pm on Mon-Thu tend to be pretty light crowds in my experience. Weekday evenings get busier, but nothing like weekends.

For instance, when I go this year I’ll be there on a Wednesday and Thursday with 3 other ladies. We’ll probably share everything so we’re talking one bite of each thing, maybe 2 if someone else doesn’t want to try it. Dessert items are definitely smaller as well, so we can probably try almost everything we’re looking at easily in two 2pm-9pm days.

If I were going solo, or with someone who didn’t want to try any of the things I wanted to try then I would think 2-3 food items and 1 drink per hour might be my limit. If I wanted to try more then I’d have to waste a lot of food & money. Either way, that’s going to be an expensive day.

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There’s only a couple non-alcoholic drinks I want to try so hopefully that won’t lighten my wallet too much!

Thank you for your the feedback…it is helpful.

If you’re not drinking then that helps!

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I usually share but in my case I think I would expect to try 6-8 ( including drinks) items by myself during a visit.

Excellent! Thank you!

There’s an app for this!?

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Here it is


This is a game-changer. Thank you!

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I agree with @StinsyLinson! I downloaded it, went through, picked out what I wanted, saw the cost all added up for me and adjusted from there and am really happy with my choices! Thank you!

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It also updates for every festival!

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