Trying to decide on trip dates

I am planning our 2016 trip to WDW. We are looking at 3 weeks - the week of 2/21/16, the week of 2/28/16 or the week of April 10th.

Anyone have an opinion on which week would be best?

We will have a 6 year old, a 4 year old, and a 2.5 year old with us. Oh and I’ll be alone - my husband can’t be persuaded to ever return to WDW :frowning:
Any advice would be great!

Tough call! All good options! (THREE weeks! Wow!)
2/21 will give you marginally lower crowds and a little more room to breathe since you’ll be on your own with 3 kids.
2/28 starting to run into slightly busier spring season
4/10 will be warm and a little busy, but a fun time to visit with Flower and Garden happening. Hot weather for lots of pool time - which may be good or bad with 3 little kids.

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I would say April- Flower and Garden, early Easter,warm weather!

Check out the Crowd Calendar - always a good first stop when deciding what dates to go -

LOL! The crowd calendar is what’s making it so hard to decide. The april week is the week of my oldest’s spring break - so the easiest week to go for us. But the week of the 2/21 has the lowest crowd predictions of any trip I’ve ever taken! a level 2 for 2 whole days at MK!! The 2/28 week also has low crowd predictions. And I was leaning toward the 2/21 week but then the flights are cheaper for the 2/28 week and then the april week is spring break (and my least favorite week to go out of the 3). Ugh - it’s so hard to decide. If only I could all 3 weeks! :slight_smile: