Trying to decide between Palo buffet and Palo dinner

I am surprising my husband (and children) with a cruise in February for his 50th birthday. I am trying to decide between reserving Palo for brunch on his birthday or saving Palo for dinner instead.

Has anyone had experience with celebrating a birthday dinner on a DCL? If so, what restaurant were you at for your celebration? I’m sure the kids would like to be involved in dad’s birthday dinner, so that’s why I’m leaning towards visiting Palo for a birthday brunch instead of dinner and saving the birthday dinner for one of the regular restaurants.

If the Palo dinner is a lot better than the Palo brunch, then I can plan the dinner for a different night.

Any suggestions? Recommendations? Personal experiences?

Thank you!

So fun.

If your a foodie and like buffets I would do the brunch. Book early. The set up is very pretty. You can eat at your own pace. Dinner is very good as well. The palo chocolate soufflé is worth the trip alone :0). You basically can’t go wrong.


Thank you, nannylisad, for your reply! My husband and I always enjoy a good brunch, so I’m going with your rec and plan to make reservations for the brunch (hopefully the buffet will be offered on his birthday).

Both meals are good, but I prefer the brunch!! It’s outstanding😄. It’s usually only offered on sea days.

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@Kimluvsdisney - luckily my husband’s birthday is an at sea day, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that the Palo brunch option will be available. I can complete my online check in on Tuesday, so just a couple more days until I’ll know for sure :grinning:

I’d agree that brunch is generally better. One advantage to brunch is the lovely ocean view; at dinner, the windows are usually pitch black, so there’s little to see.

On the Magic and Wonder, the brunch is substantially better. On the Dream & Fantasy, you can’t go wrong with either.

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Another point to consider is how long your cruise is – if you’re doing a three-night or four-night, you probably don’t want to miss having an opportunity in the main dining rooms. So unless you’re doing a seven-night or longer, I’d absolutely suggest brunch.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful recs!!! I was able to make my Palo reservations for brunch on husband’s birthday at 10am - I think that’s the perfect beginning to his 50th birthday! Then, we can celebrate his birthday dinner together with the kiddos in one of the main dining rooms after a relaxing day at sea.

@Lentesta - thank you for your insight about the ocean view. I hadn’t taken that into consideration, but you’re right (what good is it to eat by windows showing a beautiful ocean view if it’s too dark to see the ocean anyways).


@vpillers how did the brunch turn out…thinking of doing the same thing

@butternutmomma, the brunch was by-far, the best decision! A couple things I liked about the brunch (besides the amazing food), was a great ocean view, no crowd and we didn’t miss a dinner with our kids. You can’t go wrong with the brunch!

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Thanks @vpillers!