Trying to book Magical Express :-(

We go to Disney on the 11th October, I booked through Virgin and my mum booked through Disney. I am trying to book us all on the disney magical express. I tried doing the online form and never heard anything back so I don’t know if it worked or not (from the UK so wouldn’t be sent luggage tags). I want to double check so have tried calling the number Disney advise and every time I have tried over the last few days the wait has been in excess of 90 minutes (really :astonished:) which I do not have time to wait for. I have tried contacting Virgin through their inresort help email but am yet to hear back. Everything with Disney is so automated, is there not an easier way to do this ?!?? Thanks

Have you got your travel documents yet? They should confirm it.

This is the Magical Express booking site.


Do you have a My Disney Experience account? I can see where mine is booked by going to “My Plans”, then under your resort reservation info on the first day, hit the button that says “Change Reservation”. At the bottom of that page, there is a section that says “Ground Transportation” which shows our flights. If it doesn’t show your flights, I would call in. Try later in the day so you are calling Orlando around 3pm EST, I’ve had short waits then.

Thank you, I have tried that link again. I have now had an email saying the request has been submitted so I will take that with me and I’m sure they’ll let me on with that. Thank you!

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I’ve had the same thing happen where I had to submit the online form twice in order to get the email. Glad you finally got your confirmation!

Are you call this number (866-599-0951) for the Magical Express?
I’ve had to call it twice in the last 2 years and had very little wait time. (under 5 minutes)

No I was trying an 0800 number that was in an email from Disney. However I have had success finally, the online form worked and I have had two confirmation emails :grin::grin::grin:

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I have used magical express twice, both times I booked it myself using the online form and had no issues. Yes, flying in from the UK no luggage labels are provided, but I want to collect my bags myself to ensure they have made it to Orlando. :grinning:

So kinda funny story…

I had issues trying to book MDE myself just a couple of weeks ago, I was told over the phone that bc my reservation was booked through a travel agent, that my TA also had to book the MDE reservation for my family. Weird, but okay, I contacted the TA with the information and she said she took care of it.

Fast forward to today, I’m reading this post and thinking, “wait I never got a confirmation email…maybe there’s an issue with my request too.” So I use the link to the online form, fill it out and success! I got a confirmation email. Well a few hours later I get home from work and what’s in my mailbox but an envelope with Disney’s Magical Express written in big bold letters! Whoops, guess my first reservation with my TA went through after all!

That’s not all though, I open it up and the documentation is all correct, 5 guests, correct resort, correct dates and flight numbers. I look at the tags - there’s only 2 and it’s not my family’s name or even the same resort! The good thing for us is that we weren’t planning to use our luggage tags, but this other family might need theirs… :woman_shrugging: