Trying to Add 1 Night to Stay at Same Discounted Rate

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Now I'm (kind of) in the same quandary...unsure how to proceed. Maybe someone out there can give me some insight:

Currently I have 2 RO reservations for our split-stay week+. 5 nights YC, and 3 nights Poly. I think I want to make that an even split: 4/4.

Problem is, the room/view/level I'm booked at for nights #6-8 is unavailable on night #5 for the same price (late fall RO offer). At non-Disney hotels, I've never had a problem adding a night at the same rate if the rooms weren't sold out. However, the CM I spoke to basically said, "Pay the full $800 for the night, choose a different room/view/level, or stay at YC". The rooms/view/level is not sold out, it's just unavailable at a discount rate.

I guess I thought that since they'd actually be getting more money out of me at the Poly (even at a discount) than at YC, they'd let me switch and adjust the rate. They get more money, guest is happy, win/win, right? sunny

Should I even bother calling to ask another CM? Is it possible the 1st CM was um, less than helpful or misinformed? I know that they can make magic happen when they feel so inclined.

Or would I be better off speaking to the YC CL CM when I check in about switching at the same rate? Perhaps closer to the date, they'll realize they'd rather sell it at a discount vs let it go empty? Of course by then it could be sold out (and the fall offer booking window ends Oct 3). Thanks to @TinkerbellNGrumpy 's post at least I know there's no penalty for canceling last night while there.

Maybe asking at all is a waste of my time; should I just keep stalking the site?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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It looks like everything is super full in November. I wouldn't be surprised if they really don't have a room available for you to add to the beginning of your Poly days. I tried to add a night to the end of my room reservation and everything less than $400 per night in all of WDW was totally booked. That's why I agreed to join the Party Liners in the Den of Iniquity. smile Well, that and also because it sounded fun.

I was thinking that I might keep checking, maybe around the 45 day mark. That's when payments for packages are due, so people might cancel their vacations at that point which would open up some rooms.

OMG what is the Den of Iniquity?!? HAHAHA I'm sure you'll have some great stories to share w DH (or not)!

Back to my 1st-world-problem: I know they have the room available; I can see it on the website. If I want to pay $800 for it (cough cough choke), that is. money_with_wings They just don't want to sell it to me at the same rate I have booked for the rest of my stay. I'll keep checking, just wondering if anyone has any experience or if I should bother asking again. Sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my head around WDW's resort reservation policies vs the real world hotels'.

Ah. I understand. So it's not a room with a special view or in a different category than your current room? It just costs more? That's annoying.

I'm kind of kidding about the Den of Iniquity. At least I hope everyone is exaggerating! I moved my flight to Saturday so I can meet up with Liners Friday night. @KeliJ had an extra, empty room available, so I'm going to crash there Friday night so that I can join the fun. I'll be sure to post photos.

No you will not post photos!!!!

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I was thinking a selfie of me in my nice, quiet, empty room when I go to sleep at a reasonable hour while you degenerates are still out carousing might be OK.

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Oh ok, carry on then.

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I just want to add a night at in the same room/view/level, at the same price as I'm paying the rest of the week..

@KeliJ cracking me up


I know this sounds crazy but try this....I was planning on extending my stay so I started playing around with the website to see what the rates were. I put a reservation in my cart and then forgot about it. About a day or 2 later I get a reminder notice from Disney because I hadn't paid for my reservation. At the bottom was a promotional discount code. It looked to be about the same discount as the RO discount.

Hope it works


I agree keeping checking. 45 days out ppl cancel. Good luck!

The same thing happened to me with my November stay. When I called to add a night, they said they were sold out - all across property! I immediately posted on here because, well, that’s insane. Turns out, the agent was just looking at rooms with the same discount that I had - the Fall RO discount. Those rooms are gone and that discount is done, so it’s a no go. Luckily, since the resort in question for me is Pop, I simply booked it at the current rate. But they couldn’t even process it as an additional night - it had to be done as a separate reservation. Maybe what @fiel tried will work! Good luck!

Edited to note that this is really old - for some reason it was showing up as recent in my feed. So, anyway, you have probably long since solved this issue.

LOL Yes. We never could get the system to let me have the room. I just had to keep stalking the website for the room to open up under the fall offer. I paid for it then a CM merged the two reservations into one.

And a few weeks later of course I found an amazing deal for CR TPV and dropped Poly anyway. lol

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