Trying something different next year... Colorado Springs!

So we’ve just come back from a third super trip from Disney World and have decided to give WDW a break until all the Star Wars / Toy Story attractions are up and running. This will also give our youngest time to grow and be able to make the most of all the coasters!

So we’re planning on going to Colorado Springs next year… while I know this isn’t a Disney related post, I would very much welcome anyone’s views on where abouts to stay as we’re looking to rent a house for the two weeks we’re out there.

Wishing all those affected by Irma a speedy recovery.

All the best
Helen, UK

Manitou Springs is quaint and near many of the tourist sites. It’s just west of Colorado Springs heading into the pass. Alternatively there’s a Great Wolf Lodge on the north side of town (indoor water park/hotel).

edit: To be clear, I’m not suggesting spending two weeks at the Great Wolf Lodge (shudder), but it might be fun for a day or two for the kids.

2 weeks sounds like a lot for Colorado Springs. If it were me, I’d consider splitting it up and heading up north to one of the ski areas and/or Rocky Mountain National Park for part of the time. The ski areas like Breckenridge have pretty cheap lodging in the summer and fun mountainside activities.

We enjoyed the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs as well as the very retro North Pole - Santa’s workshop amusement park.

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Thanks JCG, I’d seen the Great Wolf Lodge - and agree think I’d go crazy if there for any length of time but the kids would love it!

I’m also very keen on Manitou Springs… love the old town look.

Thanks duffybear.

Think we’re going to split our stay between Boulder to the north of Denver and Colorado Springs to the south. There looks to be loads to do within an hour of Colorado Springs.

Things to do within an hour or so:
Pikes Peak Cog Railway (This is not cheap. You can also just drive up.)
Flying W Ranch (not sure when this reopens – it was burned in a wild fire)
Garden of the Gods
Great Wolf Lodge
Air Force Academy (only if you have specific interest, otherwise meh)
Olympic Training Center (only if you have specific interest, otherwise meh)
North Pole (only if you have small children)
Florissant Fossil Beds
Cripple Creek (old mining town with casinos)

A little farther, but worth it:
Mt. Princeton Hot Springs
Great Sand Dunes National Park