Try this one weird trick for mosquito bites!

Mosquitos love me. My blood is delicious.

But I have delicate sensitive skin and I get huge, itchy bumps that last for days. I’ve tried cremes but none really work. I found that pressing ice against the swelling helps a bit. Or a frenzy of itching.

But then today one of my students told me about something. Spray anti-perspirant at short range at the swelling.

It’s a miracle. It worked instantly. Now I have a very small red dot with no itching!

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And no sweat marks either!

Interesting. I wonder if it’s the aluminum? Something to consider.

Just so you know, if a vampire plague ever happens I am standing next to you @profmatt.

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Apparently it’s this, according to the internet, which is never wrong.

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Well something to be careful of then. There is some evidence to link aluminum exposure to alzheimer’s. Though I suppose the occasional treatment with it for bad mosquito bites isn’t likely to make/break it

It can’t be that bad for you — people use antiperspirant as an antiperspirant all the time. I’m only misusing it by spraying it at a different body part. Albeit at close range. (I’m not sure that part’s essential. But the freezing effect felt nice.)


Here’s the science:

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I’ve read about the aluminum in antiperspirant and we have switched to deodorants without aluminum for the very reason @OBNurseNH referenced. I wouldn’t think the occasional use for a mosquito bite would be a huge deal though. Mosquitos absolutely love me too unfortunately. Right now I have about 4 bites on my arms from yard work. :rage:

Beware… and maybe talk to your students about this. It sounds like they might be indulging in the “deodorant challenge”, which can cause burns because it freezes your skin. That’s why it felt so good.

Read more here:


The hype of aluminum in antiperspirants was based on very old research (from the 60s) that has since been effectively discredited. No valid studies have reproduced any evidence of a link between antiperspirant use and Alzheimer’s. And even if there was evidence that aluminum caused the disease, antiperspirant is not an effective transport mechanism into the body.

I’m more concerned about the use of am antiperspirant spray on the skin due to what @Ariadne posted. It can actually damage the skin. If, in fact, it is the aluminum that does it, then using a roll-on form of antiperspirant should be effective enough.

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Warn us a little next time! That’s nasty!


Sorry. I didn’t realize it would post so huge!

Try this. I found it to be great.