Trustworthy DVC resale companies

Has anyone used Main Street DVC resale? I found something on there but have never heard of them before. This is my first time purchasing so I’m a bit nervous. Any tips on legit companies, or how to tell they are safe,would be appreciated!

I can’t comment on Main Street, but will say that I used David’s to book our January 2020 trip. It is my first time booking through a DVC resale, so I was very nervous. A local friend did it last year and highly recommended David’s and said everything went off without a hitch for her.

I did a LOT of independent research because I am still a bit nervous about it, but over and over again I read good reviews of David’s. I’m sure there are other reputable companies, but David’s seemed to be the most well-known and established. My feeling is that something COULD go wrong with any reseller, but they do all they can to make sure that nothing does. :crossed_fingers:

Oh wait… I just realized that you are looking for resale, not rental, so scratch what I said… lol.

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We have used DVC Resale Market to purchase resale points and it went well. We are in the middle of a buy/sell with Resales DVC and that seems to be going fine, but we aren’t finished yet.

I haven’t use Main Street.


I also see a company called… all the ones i havent really heard of have the best deals. I’m just always scared of being scammed while i’m blinded by disney love.

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So Main Street appears to just be a listing site, they aren’t a broker. So you would be dealing directly with the selling party which I would imagine involves a lot more risk and hassle than using a broker. These are heavily regulated sales so a broker is pretty important in my opinion.

The second one doesn’t really look like it has many for sale but they also don’t look particularly inexpensive either. I can’t comment on it being legit or not, but any real estate broker might be able to sell a few DVC contracts here and there.

Don’t forget that Disney has ROFR so you shouldn’t really expect any rock bottom deals.


Can I ask what resort you are looking for? I think it is really important to know what price Disney might allow to go through . Also, are you looking for a small or large contract?

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i’m looking for BLT, medium contract lol

Under $145 a point?

No, i’m actually looking for $150 but want something that still has points for 2019. This is where its so hard.

Yes, that is very hard. Good luck!

Are you tracking this site?


I am now, thanks!

I’m a little confused about that site. Does the seller set what they want or is it set by cost of point?

I saw the 135 point contract (for 135/pp) set for $24,300. Where’s the extra coming from?

When you click on it you will see that is actually 180 points at $135 a point. I don’t know why they are making that mistake!

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OH! Derp. That makes sense. Thanks!