Trouble Viewing Port Excursions on Website

Is anyone else having a problem viewing Port Excursion descriptions on the DCL website? If I look at our destinations (St Maarten and Puerto Rico) I can only view a small number of excursions (4-7) and for St Maarten they are almost all accessible excursions.

Sometimes by using the back arrow and refreshing I can get the site to show me a much larger list of excursions but when I click on those I only get the name and a few pictures, no description at all. It’s very frustrating since we can’t really attempt any planning of excursions. Our cruise isn’t until December but I don’t want to leave it too long in case this problem doesn’t go away.

Any suggestions, or does anyone have access to a list of excursions with descriptions that they could send me or point me to? Thanks for any help!

I can see a LOT

I would start here and then scroll down to Port Adventures By Destination and select your destination to see what’s available. I can see 95 port adventures for Bahamas alone


You won’t see any specifically through your cruise until they are actually bookable. (I think this is a dumb Disney IT flaw.) You just have to look through the main site that @OBNurseNH OBNurse provided. Some may/may not be offered depending on the length of your cruise.


That is what I’ve been doing. The problem isn’t that I can’t see the list of excursions (though if I’ve specifically chosen St Maarten or Puerto Rico it takes some work to get the site to show me more than a small number). But when I then click on those excursions, most of them won’t show a description, just a name & number and a few pcitures.

It seems to be an issue for a lot of the Caribbean destinations though not all of them.

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I know that I can’t see the ones specific to my cruise. I’ve been using the main website like @OBNurseNH suggested. It’s just for my destinations (St Maarten and Puerto Rico) it won’t show me descriptions of the excursions.

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I am seeing 54 results for St. Maarten and Puerto Rico and if I click through one I can see the price, duration and age requirements. Are you seeing something different?


I see those same results, but if I click on that excursion (Twelve Metre Regatta) I just get the two pictures and a bunch of empty boxes! I’ve tried going in incognito mode. It doesn’t seem to help. And my entire family has tried on various devices and get the same result.

I don’t know if it’s a country issue since I’m in Canada, but it’s very frustrating!

Well that is annoying and I’m sorry! If 2-3 are of interest to you I’m happy to take a couple of screenshots. Maybe a different browser? I’m using the new Edge browser.

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Thanks for the offer! I’ll look at the list and let you know if there are a couple we are interested in.

We’ve used both Chrome and Safari with the same results. I’m also going to contact my travel agent to see if she can help in some way.

I think I"ve got it to work! I just had to tell the website that I was in the United States and it started working correctly! Thanks for your help.


So it appears the problem is with the Canadian version of the website. Everyone I know who has tried it here in Canada is having the same issue! Switching your region to United States seems to be a workaround for the moment. Not sure if it will be a problem when trying to actually book the port excursions.

My travel agent has contacted Disney Cruise Line and may get the tech department involved if necessary.


Apparently the problem is with the Canadian website (though it could be other non-US websites as well). My travel agent spent hours on the phone with IT before I was able to clue her into the fact that it worked if you chose the US site. The tech guy didn’t believe her about the problem since he could see all of the excursions and descriptions! It was only after I emailed her with our workaround that she was able to let him know what the true issue was. When he switched to the Canada website, he lost all of the excursions and descriptions as well! So, at least they now know what the problem is. Hopefully someone will work on fixing it so that those of us in Canada can see the excursions without difficulty!