Trouble making ADRs online and app

I’m frustrated with MDE. I was able to make my first ADR for my April trip today online. After that, I tried making my next ADR. I get the list of available restaurants and times, but when I click on the time I want, after the circle spins for a short time, it takes me back to a list of all restaurants (no times). This has happened numerous times through the day so far. I tried different search engines and I tried using the APP to make an ADR, and it comes up with the message, “Error–We are having technical difficulties…” I had similar problems making ADRs in June for my upcoming Nov/Dec trip. Is Disney’s tech department so inept that after 6 months they can’t get MDE to work correctly?? I know it’s been online longer than that, but it seems like if they were having problems 6 months ago, they should have it fixed by now!! Does anyone have any insight? I ended up calling for my Nov/Dec trip, which I will probably do again, but if they are going to have a system for making online ressies, they should make it work.

It sounds like the system has issues recognizing your onsite reservations.