Trouble adding FP+ and ADR's

Normally I am a great organiser but this TP for MK is making my whole outlook look bad. Playing the stock market it easier wink
Every time I Evaluate my TP with FP+ (3) and my ADR's it always return without my FP and ADR. I do everything from Evaluate and Optimise. What am I doing wrong ? I have watched the videos on how to do a TP but as usual nothing seems to be working . Am I reading to much into this ? Suggestions if possible ?? There should be a service for this smiley

Thanks Liners

Are your times set correctly for military time?

Yes.. I'm always on military time. It's from my life from being in the airline industry smile

I had FPP reservations that I could not delete from a PTP, but I have never had them disappear. E-mail explaining the problems and including the plan URL. They usually respond quite quickly.