TRON Soft Opening

Has this been posted yet? Got an email today. Looks like a soft opening for Tron is coming starting March 20


It was, but we’re always happy to have someone post if they can’t find it.

The announcement was buried in an existing thread:


I literally changed park resi’s this morning for Tron on next Saturday! :partying_face: Hopefully :crossed_fingers:


I did the same thing except for Thursday!


Aha, yes. I’ve fallen a bit behind this week.

Hope it’s fun, seems like it has underwhelmed so far, so the excitement is a little…lacking?

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It’s strange to me that anyone who was eligible for the previews and taken the trouble to try and book didn’t know exactly what the ride was going to be.

Since it’s a clone and that was announced right at the outset, I would have thought there was little room for surprise. Not necessarily from watching ride videos but at least the length of the ride. If they had been following anything about the ride they would surely have read that much.

But apparently there are some AP holders, DVC members and even CMs who didn’t.


I purposely avoided anything that would have given me an inclination of what I was about to experience. I want to be surprised the first time I ride something so I actively hide from anything that will give me a sense of what is to come. I did this with both Hargrid’s and GotG and it made for such a fun, incredible experience. I actually think this made me appreciate Tron a little more than some because I didn’t have these negative thoughts about the length going in.


I haven’t seen anything. I don’t love spoilers for the rides. It’s nice to have an idea of theming and what to expect but I want my first experience for the ride to be hands on.

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But I think what @Nicky_S is getting at (and correct me if I’m wrong) is that even if you avoided essentially everything, you’d have heard at least that there is a concern about the ride vehicles, for example. High-level stuff that everyone is talking about or which maybe you could infer from just having seen the building coming to existence (that the track is up high and outside for at least part of the ride).

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Yes, that’s kinda what I meant.

I usually avoid ride spoilers too but watched one of this ride after experiencing Guardians and being a ride wimp.

But even so the ride vehicles have been mentioned in almost every article about it. Along with the fact the track is visible etc.

But I get it. I avoided any details about what happened on Rise even after it opened until I rode it 3 years later. Articles didn’t, and frankly couldn’t, go into details of the ride. But I did know much more about Smugglers Run because you couldn’t avoid the fact it was flying the Milenium Falcon etc.