Tron Lightening Lane

Heading to the parks next week and really looking forward to riding TRON. I’ve been watching Genie + times trying to figure out when I need to make sure that I purchase an ILL with the hopes of riding at night. Lightening Lane is usually available through mid-afternoon–but I noticed today that it was sold out by 9:30 am this morning and a little after 11:00 am yesterday.

Any thoughts on why the sudden shift?

Thanks. I’m heading to MK in the late afternoon on the day I fly in and I’m trying to figure out if I’ll be able to get an ILL for that night. I’ll be spending a full day in MK later in the week, so I should be able to grab an ILL on that day if needed.

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The good thing about ILL is that you can choose your time (unlike the standard LL). So definitely grab it as early as possible and get yourself that night time spot!

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Just to confirm – are you staying onsite? If so you can book your ILL at 7am for any available return time.

If you are offsite, you have to wait until official park opening. Even if you have to wait, there should still be a sufficient assortment of return times that you could have your pick if you are quick right at (9am?).

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OK. Thanks. This is my first trip since Genie + and I thought that I had to go with the return time listed. I didn’t realize that I got to pick an available return time. Helpful as always. Yes, I am staying onsite so I can grab the ILL right at 7:00 am before my flight. Thanks everyone.


So just to clarify, Tron is an ILL which is not included with G+ and LL. With ILL’s there is an additional cost for a single ride and you pick your time. With G+/LL you get whatever time is available.