Tron - day 1 or day 2?

Alright, so I’m down for literally two days in April. Was already planning to head down for F&G and the return of HEA, but now it also lines up with Tron.

So, the question is . . .

Do I do F&G at EP on Apr 4 and avoid official opening day? or do I do opening day of Tron for the sake of experiencing the public opening of a ride?

I’ve never experienced an opening day of any ride anywhere so the bucket list option is tempting. Also, with the VQ setup, I’m sort of wondering if I should go ahead and plan for MK on the 4th, booking my APR for that. If I don’t get the VQ then swap my plan and change my APR to EP and try again on the 5th.

I haven’t done Cosmic Rewind yet. So I’m hoping to do that as well. Not sure if I’ll be screwed out of riding that if I’m focused on trying to pull Tron at 7.

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Personally I would avoid opening day because there are often kinks to work out. But if it interests you to be among the first to ride, go for it! As long as you get an early BG, you should be able to ride and have a grand time.


I was disappointed in the un-specialness of Remy and GOTG opening days. I’m going to sit out Tron opening day. So that will probably guarantee something really cool happening :wink:

I’ll be curious to see if GOTG goes to SB when Tron opens or if they keep the VQ.


Have you been paying attention to the GOTG VQ and ILL? I’ve been out of the loop lately so haven’t been paying attention to whether or not they are maxing out at 7.

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The 7am still goes instantly but we were there Tuesday around 4:00 and the 1:00 was still open.

But I don’t track it, we’re local so we just grab it at 7am and ride whenever we get there. :grin:


I just out of coincidence was at WDW for the opening of Guardians. We didn’t go opening day because we had plans to meet up with my brother who was there on a band trip but went the second day. Because we were on limited time due to flying back that day, we got an ILL for that morning. So ILL is another option if you are open to paying for it.


For sure nothing special about opening days. I avoid them if at all possible. It’s always much better to to stroll in after kinks are worked out and fewer people who don’t know what’s going on are not there.

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We were accidentally in DL when Indy opened and it was a party!! Everyone entering the park got a trading card. And there was just a sense of excitement!

And best of all we rode it 2 days before because they did a soft open! :grin:


I’ve often gotten the sense that this is the case with opening days of major attractions especially.

For OP, I would probably aim for opening day just to say I did it but also in case you don’t get to ride for some reason you can try again on day 2 (assuming it’s that important to you).

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Not Remy or GOTG was just another day. (Well except for the line to buy 50th merch on Remy opening day. And I guess if we had been at EP earlier for GOTG we would have seen some hype… so maybe Tron will be more fun :woman_shrugging:)

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