Tron Coaster

I was looking at some of the construction photos of the upcoming Tron coaster.

Gotta say…it is rather a disappointment. Very short, very little action going on. Of course, I get that it is limited in terms of space. But, just as I felt 7DMT was terribly and disappointingly short, it appears Tron will be as well.

Undoubtedly the lines for it will be huge, a la 7DMT and SDD. It looks cool. But, I don’t know…I was hoping to see something more on the order of Expedition Everest in terms of excitement. I guess not.

BUT, has anyone here been on the original Tron coaster? Perhaps it will be better than it looks.

Ultimately, we don’t have any real plans for a trip after 2020 at this point, so I don’t know when we’ll be back to ride it. But I still am curious about it.

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I don’t think we’re going to see a really big coaster from Disney anytime soon. 79ft high and 60mph with a 2min ride time.

GoG is supposedly going to be the world’s biggest indoor coaster, but being inside will be fairly limiting. Being immune to bad weather will be nice though.

Yeah. I have high hopes for that. (Even though I don’t care two hoots about GotG in general.) I mean, after all, Space Mountain is great being indoors (IMO).

I don’t know. I was just hoping for more with Tron. I’m sure what is there will be fun, and as I said, it really looks cool. But I just wanted…more.

It will be the fastest coaster at Disney

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True. Barely. RnRC is 57. Tron will be 59. But then, it is 400 ft shorter than RnRC, and no inversions, etc. No inversions is fine, considering the ride posture. I just hope the special effects of the theming are enough to make up for how short it will be.

I’m sure they’ll have plenty of strobe lights effects :rofl:

That might be cool if they look like these:


ETA: There has always been a certain irony to the fact that “bit” in Tron is teriary rather than binary. :confused:

I’ll be disappointed if the ride doesn’t involve a pre-show where you’re scanned and put on the game grid.

Is the equivalent for “bit” in teriary what I think it is? :thinking:

It is shorter than RnR? That one is too short as it is! I love it…it was my favorite for many years until I rode EE…but it is definitely too short.

I, too, find this disappointing.

Looks like it will be longer than RnR. 2:00 for Tron vs 1:22 for RnR.

Edit: By time at least. Don’t know if that means it has a lift hill unlike RnR. Otherwise I don’t know how it could be that much more time with a shorter track.

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Personal attacks will be flagged :grin:

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It is a launch. Extra time probably for some scene action. But considering it is shorter than RnRC by about 400 ft, but 2 MPH faster means it is a shorter coaster for the ride part itself.

Get your giggles out now so that we can carry on. :smile:

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For now.

I’m perpetually stuck with a 12yo brain

I watched the on ride video from Shanghai. The visuals are very cool at least.

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A family friend who has been to multiple Disney parks loved it. If you look on her blog she has several posts about Shanghai :slight_smile:


spoiler alert:
There is a good youtube of Tron in Shanghai. WDW is supposedly an exact replica. Only watch if you want to spoil the surprise. haha but is is soooo cool.


I’ve seen this before, it does look amazing.

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