Tron and GotG BG grace periods

Couldn’t find a recent update on this topic. It sounds like GotG will still let you tap in anytime after your BG is called. But is Tron still being strict, like you only have 1 hour after your BG is called, or you’ll be turned away?

I plan on using BG1 for Tron in the morning, but because BG1 is so good, I just need to know whether I really have to be there first thing when I get an early Tron BG

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GotG: return any time after your BG is called
Tron: Return within 1hr59 after your BG is called.

The app will say “return by X:00.” Tron gives you about an hour after that time as a grace period.


Another point: if you are late due to an ADR, CMs have accepted a receipt as proof and that’s basically the only excuse that has been proven to work.


We used my DW’s Marathon medal as an excuse :rofl:. It worked.


We used a Run Disney medal as reason for being 6+ hours late to a SDD LL :rofl: (we completely forgot we booked it at 7 am …and did not realize until we left the park, but returned later that day) …that’s what happens when you wake up at 3 am :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: