Tron 1 PM Virtual Queue Return Times

I apologize as I’m sure this has been asked already but I don’t see anything in my scrolling. My daughter and I are visiting MK on Thursday, park hopping over to MK before Noon. For anyone who has joined the VQ at 1 PM in the recent weeks (Spring Break crowds), around what group and return time are you seeing? I am working on my plan for the day, and while I assume Tron may be our last stop of the day, I am just wondering how late that may be.

We were there last Sunday and I got one of the first return times at 1:00. I belive it gotmcalled quickly - like 3-4 range. We had to get to the park earlier than we planned. When we rode our ILL layer (between 8-9) the VQ was walk on. So that is an upside to the late VQ.


Oh wow that is earlier than I expected it to be! This is helpful, thank you.

It was earlier than I expected too! I was tempted.l to hold off. Took about 5-10 mins for the VQ to run out, but I was to scared to wait and risk missing it.

I’m still trying to figure out the intricacies of the VQ process. Our 1st flight leaves at 7am on a Saturday and, allegedly, lands in Orlando at around 11am. Staying at the Polynesian we’re planning to hit MK upon arrival. Seems like in between flights I should have no problem getting a VQ return time for a boarding group. Plan is to spend the afternoon at the park then head back to Ohana for dinner. My question is, if I do book a 1pm return time that afternoon, given the inevitable travel delays are we likely to make it to the MK in time to make our VQ call back time then are we likely to get called back before dinner? Lastly, what happens if you miss your call back window?

For VQ, you don’t get to pick your time. If you buy an ILL you can chose your return time.

If your flight leaves at 7AM, you’ll need to purchase Wifi so that you can buy the ILL and try for the VQ. If you aren’t successful obtaining the VQ at 7AM or your boarding group is called before you get in to MK, you can try for the VQ again at 1:00. The caveat of the 1:00 VQ is that you must have tapped into MK before 1:00 to be eligible.

The boarding groups usually go quickly for Tron at 7AM as do the ILLs.


Got a 1pm VQ on Saturday (31st March). Used BG1 and was on the money at 13:00. Our boarding group was called at 16:45. It does seems pretty random and based on a number of factors (click speed, mobile / WiFi network).

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Do you no longer have to be in the park for the 1PM VQ?

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You have to have tapped in, you don’t need to still be there.


@QwertySC it was exactly this. :arrow_up_small: We rope dropped MK but then left and came back for the evening. It was a 11 closing so rested up and went to the pool.

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I think you are confused…VQ are at 7am or 1pm…the 7am one anyone can book and the 1pm one you have to have already have been scanned into the park…

You can also buy ILL’s starting at 7am and to ensure you get what you want you should do that at 7am and not wait until 11am. You get to choose your return time so its beneficial to book this as soon as you can to make sure you get the time you want

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Confusion is, clearly, my normal state. The replies have been very informative, thank you very much. American Airlines changed our flights, again, yesterday which blew up my plan anyway, but thanks again.

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