Tripster for ticket purchases?

Hi! I’ve used UT and Maple Leaf before, but was looking at the ticket price comparison tool on this site, and the best price, by several dollars, is Tripster, through a special TP link. Has anyone had any experience with this site? I’d appreciate any feedback before I pull a $2K+ purchase trigger!

If TP is recommending them then you have some assurance that they are legit. Haven’t used them personally, though.

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Anyone have experience with this company? Thanks!

I bought tickets with them due to their stated cancellation policy. More on that below, but first when you order you get an email saying you need to call them to finalize the order. You can only do this during business hours. Could have been a huge issue if I was booking a day later as I’d have missed my 60 day FP window.

My experience with trying to cancel: First call the agent said the system wouldn’t let her cancel. This was on Saturday and I was told I’d get a call back on Monday when IT was in. That didn’t happen and when I called back was told it was with accounting. At this point I just disputed the charge with my credit card. They actually called twice to earn me that if I disputed the charges it could take up to 90 days. On the second call they said something about me talking to Disney and changing the dates. I assumed the issue was that their cancellation policy and Disney’s were not the same. Could have been from connecting to My Disney Experience, though I may have changed the tickets start date by a day or two online.

Also, they used to be called Reserve Direct. You might find more reviews searching for that name.

Anyone else have experience with tripster? I have never bought discounted tickets before and I am doing it with my dad’s money and I just want to make sure that their are no caveats. Thanks so much.