Trip update

Lol sorry, I’m not good at doing live trip updates. We rode Soarin for the first time today. It was awesome. I wanted to stay on it for hours. Anyway to make that happen lol? Then got her lifelong dream of going through Spaceship Earth. Old school, but awesome. We so did Turtle Talk with Crush, and the other Finding Nemo ride. Then everyone caught the Skyline for the first time. We made a stop at POP Century to get some pics.Back to AOA where I bought a cupcake just because it looked so pretty. Lol, I don’t even like frosting. Think I could find a way to preserve it for posterity? Now we are taking some pool time at AOA. We have a little mermaid(She got her BBB mermaid makeover yesterday) so we are going to wonder over to the Little Mermaid section. Then this evening back to Epcot to explore the nations.


We got that same cupcake and it lasted several days (I think I remember…) in the fridge. Until it was eaten by my little mermaid daughter.

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