Trip update - IOA and USF

Thank you everyone who helped in answering my questions and making our trip a success. Here is a brief summary
Day 1 - 12/22 -

  • Early checkin at LRP and reached IOA at 10:30AM ( thanks to your advice on ways to get to park, we walked from LRP to IOA)
  • Did the following rides - Hulk, Spider Man , Kong, VelociCoaster, HPFJ, Flight of Hippogriff, Walked and Enjoyed Hogsmead
  • Took Hogwards Express and reach USF
  • Ordered our frozen Butter Beer ( loved it)
  • Enjoyed Yummy Jacket Potatoes from London Taxi ( Thanks for the recommendation)
  • Did the following rides - Transformers, Revenge of Mummy, HPEG, ET, MIB,TBS Show
  • enjoyed Diagon Alley
  • Parade was cancelled on 12/22 due to rain
  • Took train back to Hogsmead
  • Rode HPFJ again
  • Rode HMCMA - stood in line 10 min before park closing . Wait time reported was 90 mins but it only took us 45 min ( total)
  • Besides HMCMA and VC we did not have to wait more than 20min on any ride ( We had UEP) - Again thanks to the forum for the tips on riding before closing
    Overall - a very tiring first day with 10miles of walk

Day 2 - 12/23

  • Since previous day was packed we were all extremely tired and did not wake up for EPA.
  • Breakfast at Dunkin Donuts
  • Walked to USF and entered park around 11 AM
  • In line for RRR - wait time were 20 mins but as soon as we reached the top of the que - it started raining and ride was suspended due to weather
  • Because of rain, plan changed on the spot and we rode these - DMMM, JFRN,F&F, TSR, RRR, Revenge of Mummy ( 2nd time - did it the first day too)
  • Watched the Parade - No Balloons
  • Watched HHMS
  • called it a day - took water taxi back to LRP - walked 8 miles

Day 3 - 12/24

  • Dressed in layers, hats , gloves and head to IHOP for breakfast, parked back at hotel and checked out
  • Walked to IOA
  • Today was a day to repeat all major rides however due to cold weather RRR and Hulk were closed
  • Repeated the following rides - Spiderman, VC ( Did Single rider which was way quicker), HMCMA ( single rider ), Posesidon Fury
  • Walked to USF
  • Repeated - JFRN, F&F, HPEG,MIB, Transformer
  • Enjoyed Diagon Alley again - liked it better than Hogsmead.
  • Enjoyed Ice Cream at Florean Fortescue’s
  • Parade ( this time they had Balloons)

Overall day 3 was our best day as we got to do the fav rides and tried getting on the front row.

We did not attempt to do any water rides, Storm force , DDF, Olivanders and any kiddie rides

Dinner all 3 days offsite - I would highly recommend Habibi’s for their big portions on platters and beef burgers


I’m really glad you enjoyed it! Sounds like there wasn’t any major stress, just rain. Feel free to hang around and give any tips to other Universal first timers!

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