Trip review

Just back from a week trip which included Disney (HS and MVMCP), Seaworld, and Universal.
On our HS day we hit the park at 6:30 and accomplished so much in the morning which was awesome. However, it seems like I am in the minority but I was not impressed with ROR. Perhaps it was all the hype. I did enjoy being back at Disney after taking a year off ( we went to Universal for first time in August)
MVMCP was crowded and I feel like you have to waste so much of the party time staking out a place to sit that in turn you miss out on doing a lot of other things. I never got one cookie lol. Also for us due to the time difference we are up 5ish every morning so late nights are very difficult. DS was ready to go after first parade :frowning: We stayed at POP which was only our second time staying at value (AoA was other). The rooms were nice and loved the convenience of the skyline. The resort decor was a bit “in your face”. Would go back to deluxe accommodations next time.
We had never been to seaworld before and it was a must do due to Rudolph being there. Loved seeing all the animals but the majority of the rides are too intense for me. Somehow though I ended up on the Mako and thought I was going to die. Got to meet Rudolph and friends which was awesome. We also had great weather for this part of the Disney and seaworld part of the trip.
Half way through we switched to Royal Pacific. Atmosphere was much more serene and laid back. Unfortunately weather was not great while staying there so never got to take advantage of the pool. Overcast and a lot of showers/ rain at times. First day we did VB which just an overcast day. We were iffy at first but so glad we went. The water everywhere was extremely warm and there were no lines at all. I love the fast lazy river which to me can be a ride in itself. I think that VB is by far a better waterpark then BB and TL. We then had 3 days at universal. With the express you can get so much done. Having had it for last 2 trips it’s a must for me now. Did Hagrids twice and really think this is my favourite ride. Enjoyed it way more then ROR although I know they are completely different types of rides. Did the breakfast with Grinch which was good food and atmosphere. Felt it took long for characters to make their rounds so we left before meeting some of them. Did the Macy parade which was awesome. Plus found a prime spot about 15 mins before the start unlike MVMCP.
Overall I think I ended up enjoying the Universal portion of the trip the best. It is just a more laid back trip right from the planning stage. Also the express pass can’t be beat. If I could get that for Disney I would be a happy camper.
So although we are in Canada I bought the universal annual passes before I left. I know we will be down to Orlando twice next year and it was cheaper to go that route then to buy park tickets. Also now I can get access to hotel discounts and all the perks :slightly_smiling_face:


Curious…what was it about ROR that was disappointing?..To be honest the video previews for the actual “ride” part didn’t wow me. As a Californian, I will wait until the crowds die down and ride it at DL in the fall.

This is sooo true! I just came back from a 4-day trip to Universal last week and for the first time, my vacation actually felt like a true vacation. I’m so glad you had such a good time!


I will say the lead up to the ride was much better then the ride itself. It is very interactive and when you go into one room it’s like your in a movie scene. For the ride Itself I just found it very slow (Thought the vehicle could have moved faster/ had some twists or turns) and although there was some great visuals It was a one and done for me. Perhaps for the hardcore Star Wars fan it may be different but for me it was meh. I would say to people if you don’t get to ride it right away it’s not gonna ruin your trip. I was glad they had the boarding passes because if I had waited hours in line for it I would have been even more disappointed. Just my humble opinion of course as the majority of people love it.

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