Trip Reports

If you start a trip report and get me hooked on reading about your awesome vacation, I’m going to need you to not abandon said trip report in the middle. It seems every time I read one and I get invested in hearing about the rest of the trip the writer gets busy or something and wanders off and doesn’t finish it. Please stop doing this to me. I’m going to need a full commitment or I’m not reading any more trip reports. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Lol, yes those selfish bastards! :joy:


Absolutely. I’m tempted to call out the guilty parties. There is one in particular that got to part four. Theirs is fabulous. But they still had at least a few more days left on their trip. I plan to do one after my trip in a few weeks. My plan is to draft it in Word and then post it all at the same time.


Haha! I know what you’re saying. Those reports take a long time to write though! Not to mention finding the right pics to go with it. When I did mine, I tried to get an instalment posted every day or 2 but it was hard work!



I’m so afraid that I’ll start my trip report, and then work will SUCK me back in and I’ll not be able to finish it in a timely manner!

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Good strategy! Or even post every few days, to let people comment on each part, but have everything ready to go!

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I share your frustration. But I also understand life gets in the way.

Just remember. Hakuna matata.

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