Trip Report - Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas

Our hotel was beyond great. We stayed at the Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas. Because we had little ones, we took the advice of the Unofficial Guides and planned for breaks midday. Having separate bedrooms for the kids was fantastic! Having a pool within a short walk to cool off in was perfect. Having a real fridge and freezer was wonderful! We basically rented fully furnished apartments and it was one of the best aspects of our trip. Also, the staff was friendly and responsive to our requests. My wife said, “We will always stay here when we come to Disney World.”


Might I ask how the price compared to onsight resorts? Equal to a moderate or deluxe?

We also had a terrific stay at a 2-BR at Orange Lake Resort this last August. Plenty of space, a full kitchen and laundry, and a balcony with a fabulous forest view! And we saved a ton over booking 2 rooms, or even a DVC 2-BR at WDW.

I am currently planning an adults-only (besides nursling) trip for my husband and I and I am getting a room onsite, but I think offsite is the way we’ll always have to go when we take the whole family.

Ours was something like $148/night including the resort fee. You can add breakfast for 2 for $14/nt, and their breakfast buffet was pretty good!

It’s kind of hard to tell because it was a package deal through Costco Travel. We paid approx. $8,000 for 3 rooms (2 double bedrooms, 1 single bedroom), with 7-day Park Hopper Tickets, (6 adults, 2 children, 2 add’l were under 3 so, no charge for them) for a total of 9 nights.

On the Disney website, the amount for the park tickets would be $3,840, leaving $4160 for the rooms. Divide that by 27 room nights (3 rooms times 9 nights), it comes out to $157 per room per night. Of course, that’s approximate, because the 2 bedroom units were more than the one bedroom unit. This included daily housekeeping. (We did not opt for the buffet breakfasts.)

This is also a time-share resort and you need to be aware that they are high-pressure sales. They tell you that they have a short overview of the resort (and then will get you into a sales presentation of buying a time share.) When the check-in clerk walked me over to the time-share folks, I just said “Not interested in a time share.” They responded, “Ok, have a good day.” and I walked out to go to my room. I never answered the phone in my room either.

If it was like a Windam time share. I would NEVER stay there. They were relentless on their sales pitches. Finally had to tell them I was in Bankrupcy proceedings to get rid of them. This wasn’t at WDW but I can imagine there pretty much the same. If you get a salesman that really hard up for a sale they just won’t let you go. DVC is a little better but they also know what pressure sells is all about.