Trip Report Part Two: Animal Kingdom

After checking in and getting settled (and with only dh and myself that took about 5 min lol) we hopped on the bus to AK. It was an EMH morning and we got there after 8 but before official opening. We stood in the 3 hour line for Pandora last trip so this one we avoided that side of the park. We grabbed a little breakfast at Tamu Tamu (cheese danish and iced coffee) and rode Dinosaur and saw Tough to Be a Bug. Now that we are on the other side of things, we had a good chuckle at the number of screaming kids during that show. :wink:

We saw Kevin! And how awesome was it that this little girl was dressed just like her. I think that she is a wonderful addition to AK.

We had FP to the Up bird show, but happened to be walking by just when a show started and walked right in. It’s a good show, not as many birds as I thought it would have. Not one I think you need a FP for or one we’d do again honestly.

We saw the Nemo show (excellent as always) and had some lunch at Restaurantosaurus (not even gonna try and spell that one.) You’ll see throughout my posts that we have simple tastes and don’t mind a hot dog or chicken nugget meal one bit lol. We do like to eat here because it has the self-serve beverages. We toured both the Gorilla and Jungle trails before our FP for safari and river rides.

I’m glad we had FP for both rides because the park was getting crowded (I guess the Pandora crowd was invading) and even with our FP the wait at Kali River Rapids was long. Last note, I tried the Frozen Flame drink and it was awesome!


Thanks for the post! It’s really helping ease my WDW withdraw syptoms :slight_smile: