Trip Report - Off-Worlding on Batuu, Pandora

From pre-trip alerts about the MFSR FPs to all the ROTR tips to times for same-day FP drops - thanks to the Liners, my trip couldn’t have gone better.

GE was pretty amazing. I’m a total Star Wars nerd - seeing GE was the whole point of the trip. The morning of … we walked from BCV and got to HS at 6:45ish and went to the next-to-last tap on the right. Walked with purpose to SDD for RD. Got pretty close - maybe 30-50 ft from front of line (just one line for all of TSL). I restarted my iPhone8 at 7:30, and then did it again at 7:55 for some reason. My phone didn’t come right back on and I nearly made a scene. But after it did finally come back I turned off WiFi and location services. I called up and at 7:59:30ish I opened the app. Went back to to get the beat of the ticking seconds- then back to the app with 8 seconds to go and counted down. Pushed the Find Out More button right at 8am and the Join Boarding Group button was lit. Ended up with BG11!! Off SDD by 8:15 and on ROTR by 8:45. Both rides great but ROTR was awesome - loved the CMs commitment to their roles.

Did ToT and RnR next on FP, then back to GE for Olga’s reservation and MFSR on FP. Try the carbon freeze. HS overall was jammed packed on supposedly a lighter CL6 day. It was crazy busy. By 1pm, I felt like we were going to drop from lack of sleep. So we went back to resort and slept.

That was Monday - Day 3. Day 1 was Fri late afternoon when we arrived and went directly to MK. Did a bunch of rides and CRT. Sat was Epcot. We RD’d Soarin’ since I had a FP for TT. Sun was back to MK for Adventureland RD, the coasters and BOG lunch. Tuesday was our AK day. Thanks to Liners tips, I got extra same-day FPs for FOP, TT and FEA along the way. Awesome!

BCV was really nice, with a perfect location. The little side path on the Epcot side hooked us up since we basically ate there each night. I was surprised though on our HS morning that boats weren’t running. Skyliner wasn’t open yet either, so if you were unable to make that walk I guess you’d have to take an Uber/Lyft. As nice as BCV is, it’s not quite as stunning as AKL or WL. I think the Boardwalk lobby has BC beat. Anyway, myself, my daughter and her friend had a great trip. Although … her friend caught a stomach bug and missed the HS day, which was a total bummer for her (and my kid who had to slum it with Dad) but she recovered quickly. The hotel checked on us quite a bit - I assume they’re on full alert given Coronavirus. To that end, I didn’t see anyone in masks at all, but good luck buying hand sanitizer or wipes. Harder to find than a CRT reservation.

Given all the Epcot, Tron and Guardian/Galaxy construction, plus the red carpet out for MMRR, I guess I better start planning my next trip.