Trip report, no pics

We just finished a trip to wdw. I have appreciated reading everyone else’s report so I am going to share my own.

Day 1 - travel to FL and MK
We arrived about 2 to MCO. I was nervous because I had booked our first FP for 4:20. We were the first people on the bus so we waited a long time for the bus to take off. But we finally arrived at Ft. wilderness cabins grabbed our golf cart and zoomed off. After dropping our carryons at the cabin, we went directly to MK via boat
We went directly to Big Thunder Mtn our first FP. Next up was Space Mountain. We had a few extra minutes so we rode People Mover before heading to 7 Dwarfs. The lines were long that night and we dropped the touring plan I had created and just went with the flow. Our group of 6 (adults and kids) split up. Half of the group went to do Buzz; half did Ariel then Small World. Then we all met back up to do Pirates. Half the group went to Tiki Room and the other half did Aladdin.
Then the group split again and 1/3 went back to the cabins, 1/3 went to Big Thunder, and the last two went to the jungle cruise. I was on Big Thunder with my youngest when the fireworks started. It was awesome. Youngest and I waiting while the others went on Big Thunder. Then we all rose the boat back to the cabins. We we’re all exhausted but happy. And COLD. It was mid 60s and misting.

We ate at Pecos. Their slushy is delicious the nachos we’re good, but I was starving.

More to come as time allows.


Day 2 Epcot
We went directly to Mission Space and there was no line so we did it without the FP once. We all did green. Then 4 of 6 went back and did Orange with our FP. Then we headed to Soarin for our FP. After Soarin, we ate at Sunshine Seasons. Then we headed into the Countries. My kids love Where’s Perry so we broke up into groups so they could do that. Someone’s trip report had said the MX ride was nice so we did that while oldest was there saving the world from Dr. Doofenschmidt. It was nice, I liked it. I texted everyone else in the group and told them to be sure to do it. When everyone else was there the line was crazy so they skipped it. Test Track was closed, otherwise it is a perennial favorite.

I only made it through MX, Norway, China, Germany, and Japan before I gave up. We we’re in China so long I thought we were moving in. We did Pick a Pearl, thank you for the suggestion. It was nice.

DH and I traded kids and youngest was also done with the countries so we did Nemo and the aquarium, saw Baymax, Joy and Sadness then headed back to the cabins.

Notes about Epcot - line times were crazy within an hour of opening. The countries really were very cool. It was cold again low 60s and misty.

Sunshine Seasons was.good. Youngest had the chicken and rice. I had Chicken and potatoes. Both were good. I liked the self serve drinks.

I wish i had remembered to go back to Club Cool. I really wanted to try it out but ended up forgetting…

After going back to the cabin, Youngest and I went to MK to do Big Thunder (longish line, we played heads up - it was a good distraction). We did Monsters Inc and Buzz also. We hit Winnie the Pooh with a 20 minute wait. Things we’re pretty quiet so we hit Pirates and Aladdin again in the way out. We escaped on the boat right before fireworks. Funny story, the boat was full so we ended up having to sit up from in the open area. It was COLD. A little girl got on with her family after us and she was screaming about wanting to sit in the front so her Dad brought her up and left her on the bench next to someone and walked back inside the boat. I would guess she was about 3. A minute later I hear someone (mom) telling him he has to go sit out there with her he can’t just leave her out there. I chuckled and thought we are all really tired. Youngest and I met a lovely older woman who was staying for a month. It was a nice way to end the day.


What day was this? I’m kind of amazed that the line for The Three Caballeros in Mexico would be so long! But sounds like you handled the crowds well.

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The 18th for Epcot. I was surprised too! When Oldest and I got on, it was a short line.

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So Youngest the end of day 2 was at Animal kindgom not MK and she was right, of course. The MK end of day was Day 3. Sorry. So end of Day 2 we went to AK. We took a bus, it was quick. We did the Safari at about 7:45 and it was awesome. Such a diff experience than during the day. We ate at Flame Tree (thanks for the recommendation), it was really good. We walked to Pandora so Oldest could see it at night. This is a must do in my opinion. Listening to the stories here, we got in line 15 minutes to park close. The wait time say 145 mins. DH was not impressed. My parents took Youngest back to the cabin. The wait was 1 hour and 10 mins we moved the entire time. Both Oldest and Husband think I am brilliant - thanks.

Walking out of AK almost by ourselves in the dark after park closure was awesome.

Day 3 was AK - this was the only FP I could get for FOP. 4:20 PM. It was very cold and raining that day. We got a late start. We saw Lion King. Love that shoe. The main singers are nothing short of spectacular.
Then we split into groups. Oldest and DH rode Expedition Everest a bunch of times (single rider line) and checked out Tree of Life. Parents, Youngest and I rode Dinosaur. Youngest wasn’t scared of the dinosaurs but it was a LOUD and jerk ride. The queue was cool though.

We did one of the animal trails.

Then we all got back together for a Safari and EE FP. We ate at flame tree again. It was good again - I got chick and ribs this time.

We did single rider for EE one more time and it was good. That is probably my favorite coaster.

Finally time for FOP FP. Mom, Youngest and I didn’t care about riding (once was enough for me) so we sent the other three through the line with our bands the first time then they met up with us to return our bands and went back and rode on their own.

Mom, Youngest and I went back to cabin to reat for an hour or so then did the MK stuff I wrote about above. I really enjoy taking the boat. It is very relaxing even when it is cold.


So I went back and checked, and the crowd levels were all higher than predicted for your dates- almost all were level 10 days. I’d say you did pretty well!

Also, I love the boats, too. I don’t care if they’re slower than walking.

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We forgot to do club cool also!!!

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Day 4 was HS. We got there right after park opening and went right to Star Wars. There was no wait so we did it first without our FP. DH and Oldest rode again with their FP. parents went one way, Youngest and I headed for Alien Saucers in Toy Story Line. The wait for SFF was 135 mins and I thought to myself, that doesnt look worth 135 mins in line. The wait on the saucers was inflated, it was only about 1/2 of estimate. It was an OK ride. Comparable to the tea cups without the nausea.

My Mom sent me a.text telling me the line for buZZ wasn’t too.bad so we rushed over there. It was.still.long, but this of the few characters Youngest really wanted to see.

After Buzz, we all did Toy Story Mania on FP. Then we headed off for some lunch (over by Fairfax). It was ok.

Next up Tower of Terror on FP. They were having technical issues so it was a long wait even for FP but we did it.

Onto Indiana Jones. I like that show.

Then we split up again. Parents and Oldest did Rock n Roller Coaster and March of the first Order and Star Youngest, DH, and I decided to tough it out in the SDD line. Largely a boring, slow line. The wait to.said 120 mins, it was actually 130 mins. I wasn’t the coaster. All I can figure is the appeal is.that it is a coaster.the little ones.can ride. I would not wait for it again.

By then we we’re all tired. Oldest and DH went on to explore SW stuff. Youngest , Parents and I headed back. We spent the afternoon tooling around in the gold cart. Oldest and DH went back to Epcot to see more China ,(and other world’s).

They stayed for illuminations.

I actually put it in my TP. Hope it’s still open when we get there.

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One more day. Day 5 - back to MK. We got there within 10 mins of opening and went right to Buzz. We rode twice before heading to our first FP for Peter.Pan. I don’t love that ride, but there is always such a.long wait I FP’d it. We did It’s a Small World because Youngest had never done it, it was closed last time we were.there. we took the River Boat Cruise. Then headed to our next FP at Big Thunder. Then a short sighted in wait till Splash Mountain. This was the first time it was warm enough to ride!

Then we ate at Pecos Bill and headed back to the cabins. We we’re all tired. No one had anything else they needed to do.

I had planned to go back in the evening for food but someone took our golf cart and I lost almost an hour to trying to work with Front Desk and Park Ranger trying to get that sorted out which means I lost the chance. We had to pack because we had a VERY early departure this morning (5:05). :frowning:. That was the only plane that could.get me home in time to pick up the dog…

Kids loved swimming in the position and I read in the sun in the afternoon. That is a good.vacation.

I hope all of your trips are.fantastic. I had a couple thoughts I will try to post after I get the dog a bath but I wanted to say thank you for the advice.

First, I apologize for not sharing any pics. We don’t post pics of our kids online.

Random thoughts - the touring plans didn’t work great for me due to crowds. But we threw it out and just “winged” it. I felt like it worked just being flexible.

Follow up FP after the first three isn’t work so great for us. We weren’t able to get ones for the “biggie” rides - Rock N Roller coaster, etc.

Our best plan of attack was to get to the parks right after opening and go right to the rides we wanted but couldn’t get FP to. And late at night…

I don’t see many people talk about staying at the cabins - but we have always stayed there and I love that the kids can run around outside. The pools are nothing too exciting love to swim. Tooling around in the golf cart is a huge plus.

I used Amazon Prime Now for food delivery - worked like a charm. Highly recommend over garden grocer for the price advantage.

We had always had the dining plan so I panicked at the last minute and added the QS meal plan. It is always too much food but I like not having to think about food while I am there. I know me and I will think things like I don’t really need that snack if I am paying for them one at a time or am I really hungry enough for… you get the idea.

I called about Bounceback but they didn’t have anything into 2020 yet.

That is all I can think of. I appreciated everyone’s advice and trip reports.