Trip Report - MK w/EMM March 12th

So I am going to start of by saying that if Fantasyland is part of your plans, and EMM is on offer on a day with a CL 10 projection, GO FOR IT!

Staying off-park, DW, DD4 and I took a Lyft to CR, arriving about 7:10 am and walked over. No line at the 1 stall security desk. Thru the tapstiles and then a bit of a wait for our EMM bands, before the main gate opened right at the stroke of 7:45am.

We had planned to go to Pooh first, but it was down, so over to Princess Hall (both sides), PPF, and IASW, all by 8:25. DD4 by then had the courage for 7DMT (part of my plan was to get her comfy with rides, as this was her 1st day in any theme park ever). We rode, 7 min wait only. She found it a bit much, so after a quick restroom visit, onward to UTS, and then we met Ariel at her Grotto right at RD time. It was amazing to see the area so empty, similar to the TP video posted a few months back.

Hungry then, we grabbed our EMM b’fast @ Cosmic Ray’s. Good sized plate of pancakes, eggs, baccon, sausage and potatoes, and then there was fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, granola, pastries, cheeses etc at the Toppings Bar.

Over to Buzz at 9:45 25 min in SB. By the time we got out, crowds were starting to amass. Across the park to JC for our FP+, about 15-20 min wait, and you realize the lines at JC aren’t because of popularity as much as they are because load / unload can be very lengthy, particularly with those that are mobility-impaired.

DD4 loves the Splash Mountain game on Xbox Disney Adventures, but upon seeing the big drop, she quickly changes her mind. Modify our 10:50 Splash FP to Tea Party at 12:50 instead and head to our 11:45 Belle FP.

After those two, it’s off to our BoG ADR, scheduled for 1:15 but we get put in a line and don’t order until 1:45. Meanwhile, grab a Dumbo FP for 2:10. Hit that after lunch, then make our way to the south end of Main St for the parade, then over to meet Tinkerbell (25 min SB wait), and luck out and score another FP for Pooh at 4:35. Do that one, and had hoped to end DW/DD4’s day with PeopleMover, but Tomorrowland is so crowded there is a 35 min wait (Space 140, Buzz 90, MILF 60, Astro 50 by comparison). Back to hotel.

After a quick bite and hot tub to rejuvenate I am back at the park at 8:00 for a Splash FP I grabbed. Ride kept going down, so it was 8:45 before I rode. Watched HEA after that, then over to BT where I face my longest wait of the day (53 min SB). I then start hoofing it toward 7DMT hoping to ride once more, but my back finally says enough, so I duck into PhilarMagic for their final show.

All in all pretty solid day.


Sounds like a great day! I couldn’t justify EMM this year because one of my kids was barely 35" and I wasn’t sure how the other one would handle rides, but next time I definitely would do it.

Glad to hear you thought it was worth it! We are signed up for EMM in late May and loved your info.

You said you got put in a line for your BOG lunch- had you pre-ordered? Or were you in a line just to wait for a table?

In a line to order. Tried to pre-order earlier in the morning with no luck on MDE app. Was nice to see once, but unless DD4 insists on eating there on future trips (she will be 8 or 9 next trip), I won’t be rushing back.

As for strategies I would use for a day MK with EMM… depends on a few variables, but basically it would be to forego IASW as it eats the clock. Come back to it later. You should easily be able to go clockwise thru FL (Pooh, Princesses, PPF, 7DMT, UtS, Teacups), then RD either Buzz or Space, then come back and eat breakfast). Setting your first FP+ for 9:30, 9:45 or even 10 would work fine.

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Good plan! That’s kind of what I was thinking, so thanks for that info. We were going to ride IASW and skip Princesses. Think that’s a similar time switch? (I have 2 boys and they do like the Princesses, but we’re having a dinner at Cinderella’s Castle and once is enough to meet the princesses for them.)

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I had successfully pre-ordered for BOG before our trip and I don’t know what happened at check in, but we were put in that line and had to re-do it too. I was kinda mad about that, because my toddler was melting down and needed food ASAP.

Yes, that would be a similar time switch. Also, now that I think about it more, a 2nd ride on 7DMT, if your boys want, might be a better option than hoofing over to UTS, which you could come back to later in the day with likely no more than a 30 min wait.