Trip report J18A

(Note the slightly optimistic entry at about 5pm on Day 4.)

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Lol, I noticed! I am in food envy !


Where are you eating at Universal ? Where did you eat your last trip?

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That’s the great thing about Universal — no planning required!

Last time I ate at the two Harry Potter restaurants. I’m unlikely to do that again. They’re pretty poor.

Mythos, maybe?

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I love the apps at Mythos. Have you tried Toothsome’s?


I’ve literally only eaten at the two Harry Potter restaurants, so I’m open to recommendations.


I am going on a cruise in April and we have a nine hour stop at Universal. We are returning to Toothsome’s. It is well themed with good food.


As you can see from my schedule, I’ll have plenty of time at Universal —and with the Express Pass, there!ll be no need to rush. I did see that building and was intrigued as to what it was, but I didn’t get round to finding out last year.

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My son says: they have chocolate bread- that is all he needed to know :wink:


That is a great start!

Jiko is amazing! Loved the food. It was probably the best service we had.

Boma had wonderful food for breakfast too! The best omelette ever!

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I’m so happy for you! Hooray!

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I won’t be happy until I hear the opening date of Toy Story Land and that it’s in June!


The filet of beef was DHs favorite meal last trip. The Cobb salad was quite nice as well (we shared that).

I thoroughly enjoyed your trip planning report.

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Astonishingly, I think I’m already done with the Adjustments phase. I guess my planning last year was so comprehensive that I’m a pro now :slight_smile:

So I’m moving on to the next phase.


140 days to go. 20 weeks.

Now last year, I started my countdown at 77 days. Every day I found an imagine online with the correct number in it and made it my wallpaper on my phone. And, of course, the Adjustments phase went on for weeks.

But that whole process drove me a bit nuts. Part of the problem was that I didn’t have much else going on. Those 77 days were during the school holidays, with my WDW trip right at the end of the holidays.

This time, the trip is right at the beginning of the holidays. So I’ll be busier while I’m waiting. So I’m not going to do a daily countdown because I want to avoid insanity.

Similarly, I may shy away from blogs and Facebook groups and podcasts. I think they might either overexcite me, or stress me out — as I’ve said elsewhere, I’m already stressed about Toy Story Land!

Of course, I’ll still be popping in here. And I’ve changed my phone’s wallpaper to this image as a subtle reminder in case I forget what I’m doing in 140 days time.


Wow, that’s amazing. I’ve made changes up to 2-4 weeks before take off. I have a vacation countdown app that I use, and try not to check daily. My current countdown is 264 Days to Disney. I’m not even ready to start my touring plans yet. I look forward to your trip report!

Oh last year I made hundreds of changes. Literally. It was endless. Pretty much every day.

But I have a much better idea of what I’m doing this time. You know, being an expert and all :blush:

I really enjoyed writing my trip reports last year. I wrote them each morning before I left for the day’s adventures. I’ve not actually read them again myself. I might do that.


It looks like you have a great trip planned! I’m so glad that you found it in your heart to reconsider on California Grill. I have every confidence that you will be blown away by brunch! I agree with others to speak up regarding the type of table you would like. If for some reason you do balk at your table (super unlikely!) you won’t even need to pay the $10 fee because you will have already checked in!

Looking at your day for the 5th, I see you have BOG planned and I remember you mentioning that you felt it was a “one and done” for you. Have you thought about Kona Cafe or Grand Floridian Cafe? I love both of these for lunch because they end up being much quieter and relaxing and can be less expensive. And they are a pretty quick monorail ride away. Not sure if you’ve explored either of those resorts, but they are worth a walk around!

Love, LOVE the arrival day idea of an AKL tour and Jiko dinner! Enjoy!

Since you said you’ve never had a Mickey Waffle, may I recommend a few must-do food items? Maybe you’ve had them and maybe not, but just to be sure I’ll have to recommend the Cronut in Canada in the World Pavillion and the Dole Whip in MK. I feel certain you’ve had one or both, but the Cronut is my single biggest crave of food items in all of WDW. It’s simply amazing.

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Enjoying reading about your planning. I’m amazed by how quickly you went from tossing around the idea of a trip to having a nearly complete plan!