Trip report J17X



Congrats! Now step away from your plans!


You don’t need to pay for psychotherapy, you just need to follow the forum and pass on your expertise to the next lot of WDW planner newbies :grinning:

But with all that planning, you now know enough about WDW to be able to enjoy your trip, and also cope with any unforeseen detours along the way. And also to be confident enough to completely ignore your plans if you feel like it! I’m pretty sure I didn’t once look at my plans from when I landed in Orlando until I got home.


Yay! And yes - try to step away from the plans now (the hard part for me). Keep on learning about the latest that is happening and you’ll be good to go! Sounds like it is going to be a great trip :slight_smile:

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I knew I was this nuts LOL
I am crazy, crazy, crazy when it comes to planning for Disney. I get much friendly mocking at work - HOWEVER, I have been to DW 3 times (coming up on my 4th trip in Aug) and the more I have planned, the better time I have had.
I did have a pretty solid idea of what I wanted for ADRs before my 180 days although I did make a few changes, most were just to get a time I liked better :slight_smile:
The FP+ - well we shall see. Some I know I am solid with - there are a few that may change - my HS day is the plan I am the least happy with right now - everyone says it is the park with the least to do, but it is the one that I can’t fit everything in. I love the shows & seeing characters and I keep changing my mind about what I want to skip.

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No! That’s the worst thing I can do! Because then I’ll try to schedule it in! I really need to step away from anything Disney at all!

The planning has taken so much of the fun of WDW away for me. I like planning and being prepared - but it has gotten to the point of taking the fun and magic

I’ve had to keep my kids away from the plans and YouTube for this reason. I keep telling them well finally get there and they’ll know everything and be bored with it all!

I woke up to find them studying maps of mk this morning, running how long it took them to find places!

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All that planning will pay off when you get to Florida. I can speak from experience. But, yes, be flexible enough to change them if you wish. Have a wonderful trip. Will you be writing us a trip report?

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