Trip Report Grandpa

Late trip Report- 3/3-3/8. I wanted to write this because the board and people were so helpful for our trip. We were grandparents, our daughter with girl 11 and boy 6. We stayed at the All Star Movies for 4 days and went to each park during the days. We then transferred over to Universal Royal Pacific for 2 days experiencing each park. We took the Magical Express from the airport and used Take Two/Quick Transportation to Universal. We did not do any advanced dining and only had QS plan.

We only went to one park at night and that was our arrival day and did MK. Very crowded that Sunday night but we had three FP’s and got to see the projections on the castle.

All Star Movies-we got the refurbished rooms we wanted and they were great. Staff everywhere was great and the pool area lifeguards were an extra eyes on the kids. Getting use to the meal plan was a little difficult but after a day we got it. One tip is, if you don’t want a meal you can substitute 3 snacks for it. Also the meal comes with any drink in the coolers on the plan. Food was good and some portions were huge.

Epcot- All parks we tried to leave resort at 7:45 to get there by 8 which put us very close to the front most days even though we did not do any hard rope drops. At Epcot, we were basically on the rope that day and walked easy to Soarin. We used FP’s the rest of the day. I will tell you that our 6 year old grandson did excellent, however he could not make it pass 2:30-3 most days. He said “grandpa my legs are tired”. So we headed back to the pool which he loved every day.

MK-back to park and had FP’s for all the top rides and did Big Thunder Man first. I can attest to after using our three FP’s, I was able to get others fairly easy. I even used the tip of grabbing one even at a later time and kept modifying it up.

HS- Arrived same time at park to find huge crowds all running to SDD. We decided to drop this ride and avoided it. It you want to get on in a reasonable time get there very early. Had FP’s for all the other top rides that day.Day did not end well with me since I had a kidney stone attack and was taken to hospital. The park people were very helpful and I went to Orlando Health which was brand new and excellent. While being dis-charged they told me Disney will pick up cost of cab back to resort. Sure enough, I just ran in and got voucher to give to driver AND my medication would be delivered Turner Drugs to my resort or any park I wanted! I choose AK and I just had to bring my prescriptions to first aid at AK and later that day on way out, I picked them up.

AK- Crowd here was also massive and all heading towards FOP, however we rope dropped Nav’i since we had FP’s for FOP later. DO NOT miss this ride, one of the best rides we were on.

Universal- Quick service transportation was excellent and texted me the night before of when and drivers name who was picking us up.

Royal Pacific-what a beautiful hotel and I have stayed here many times. Service is excellent, walk or water taxi to parks, had Express Passes to every ride, what more can I say.

Granddaughter was chosen for the wand ceremony in Harry Potter , I don’t think I have ever seen her smile that big and was a very special moment for us.

Well can’t think of any more, but please ask and again thanks for everyone making our trip great!


Great report.

Hope you are feeling better. It is so awesome that Disney picked up your cab and they delivered the prescription to the park. That’s great service.

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Thanks for the report! We are also grandparents and will be going on our first trip in late April and bringing 3 grand kids along with their parents. Your report brought up a few questions for me, mainly did you have trip insurance to cover your emergency? Or did your normal insurance kick in? We opted out of TI after thinking about it for a long time but this is the type of thing I worry about.
Also, did your DGS6 ride FOP? If so, how did he do? We have a DGD5 that we don’t think can handle the banshee seats, she’s afraid of most rides anyway.
And if I can ask, what was your time zone difference and how did everyone handle it?
Thanks for sharing with us!

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Where was your room at ASMo we are going in June and I wanted to know what room are done.

You should have been at Mk when you stone attacked happened. Tests show that riding BTMRR can help pass a stone (I’m not joking)


Thanks for the trip report!
Hope you’re feeling better, what a great service by Disney :+1:
My DS has been chosen in the wand ceremony in HP, it truly is a magical moment to remember!

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We did not have TI and I just used my regular insurance plan. As far as the 6 year old boy, he was braver than me and rode every ride except a huge roller coaster in Universal. The only ride he did not like was TOT because of the big drops. As far as FOP, the seats you are tightly stamped in and it leans forwards very fast. I think it might be too much for her. You can do rider swap if they have that for that ride. As far as time zone we are from New England, thus no time change. The hardest part was getting up early for 7 days, LOL. Have a great time.

Our room was in Toy Story building and was room 9922 and all of that building is refurbished. I think the rides did jar it loose! All better now. Thanks

This is a really good point. My youngest was born on vacation and even though we were out-of-network it was fully covered because it was an emergency. If it’s not an emergency, we would have needed to be in-network or it would have been only partially covered. Fortunately, most (but by no means ALL) private insurance is linked to national network, which is something one needs to find out about before you leave home.

Not all insurance companies are like this. If you are in an HMO, for example, you may be very restricted as to where you can go with no coverage away from home. The only way to know is to look online at your specific plan or to call.

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Great report! I am so sorry you were in the hospital, but it sounds like you gave your grandchildren a wonderful trip!

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What a great trip! Sorry it was interrupted by kidney stones, I hope you’re better now.

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