Trip Report Filtering/Reorg?

Hi - I did try to search on this subject to see if it had been suggested, but nothing immediately came up, so I thought I’d ask…

Is there a way to weed out trip report posts? I would still like to be able to access them from time to time, because I enjoy reading them and do appreciate people’s efforts to chronicle their adventures, but most of the time, I’m coming to the forums to ask specific questions or see what things people are talking about vis-a-vis what’s going on in general WDW news lately. Having all the trip reports mixed in with discussion and information requests creates a lot of ‘noise’ and I kind of think it would be nice, when I’m in one of those ‘I want to live vicariously through others at Disney’ moods, I’d have an easy way to just isolate all those trip reports and read them as well. It might be just me, so I’m happy to implement my own sorting or filtering if that’s possible, somehow.

Hi! Do you generally sort the forum by “latest”? You can sort by “categories”

Then under Walt Disney World or Universal there is a sub category of “trip reports”.

There is also a “non Disney Park” category?


There are trip report categories under both WDW and Universal. But not everybody uses them. Some prefer to post in La Cava so it can’t be googled, and some just don’t realise there are specific categories to use.


Fantastic! I didn’t even know there were different ways. I think I usually sort by latest. I’ll try categories!

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