Trip Report Feb. 2024

Thought I’d relay some info about my recent trip. First, thanks to everyone who posts valuable information and advice on this forum, it really helped me and my family get the most out of WDW. I have been going to WDW since I was a kid, roughly once every few years, so I’m not any sort of expert, but I was certainly familiar with the basics prior to this visit.

To save you a bunch of reading, rope dropping works. BG1 works. Planning works (but you have to be able to call an audible on the fly). Make sure you have rain gear if there is rain in the forecast.

Trip was Feb. 15 - Feb. 20. Me and missus with our two kids 5 & 9. We stayed at the Dolphin.

Thursday Feb. 15
This was a travel day/hotel day for us. We arrived in the afternoon and went straight to the pool. Had dinner at Rosa Mexicano (pretty good) and went to bed pretty early to be fresh for the park the following day.

Friday Feb. 16 (Animal Kingdom)
Great weather (high in low 70s, partly cloudy). Arrived at 7:00, RD at 7:30 (early entry). Made a beeline to FoP, by the time we got there posted wait was 55 minutes, we actually waited 40 minutes. We got stuck in a slow entry line which hurt us, plus we had to park the stroller so there you go. Immediately walked over to Navi river, which had a posted 30 min wait time, we only waited 15 min. though. Park felt very crowded. TP was forecasting a 6 I think—it had to be at least an 8 though. Genie+ was $18.11 per person with tax. It saved us 235 minutes relative to posted standby wait times. Here were the posted wait times of rides when we used Genie+ LL:

Safari: 75

Everest: 80 (but LL took 10 minutes; was backed up due to several hour breakdown).

Lion King: 20

Dinosaur: 60

Bugs life: 10 (at most)

Saturday Feb. 17
Rest/hotel day. Crappy cold/rainy weather all day spoiled the plan of having a relaxing pool day. Ended up doing some resort hopping and having dinner at Disney Springs. Despite having a reservation at Paradiso 37, and despite checking in 15 minutes early, they were unable to seat us. We left after waiting for an hour (45 minutes past our reservation time plus the 15 minutes early part which was not their fault). Grabbed some decent pizza slices at the nearby place. Weather really made for a much less satisfying day.

Sunday Feb. 18 (Magic Kingdom)
Terrible weather. High of 59, literally never stopped raining all morning, day, and night. Shoe covers were a lifesaver here and kept our feet mercifully dry. A good raincoat was also essential. Park was still crowded, but had to be significantly less crowded than expected due to weather. Got there at 7:50 for 8:30 EE. We were pretty close to the front for RD. We RD’ed PPF. I’ll post some wait times below. Genie+ was $37.28 per person with tax. It saved us 180 minutes relative to posted standby wait times. I had never seen Happily Ever After fireworks before—wow, what a show! We got a great spot right in front of the castle with minimal obstruction showing up only a half hour prior to the show (to give you an indication for how bad the weather was). Here were the posted wait times of rides when we used Genie+ LL:

Winnie: 30

Sm: 50

Buzz: 20

Cinderella: 30

Big Thunder: 15

Belle: 25

JC: 10

Mickey: “10” (seems like no wait though)

Here are some posted/actual wait times for standby:

Ppf: no posted time, waited 17 minutes (rd)

Small world: posted 5; walk right on

Haunted Mansion: 13; 10

Philharmagic: 15; 10

Pirates: 5; 5

Tiki: 10; 0 walked right in

Mermaid: 40; 10

Ariel: 35; 20

7dmt: 35; 35

Monday Feb. 19 (Epcot)
Cold rainy morning, but weather cleared up and warmed up a bit later on. We had a late start and got there right at 8:30 EE. Park was absolutely mobbed—had to be a 9 or 10 day. We went straight to FEA and found a 30 min posted standby time; we actually waited 40 min. to board. My internet connection also failed right at 7:00 am when booking Genie+, so annoyingly I got an afternoon Remy RT, which slowed us down and led to a lot of back and forth walking. When we went to use the Genie+ at Remy, we had to wait for 35 minutes IN THE LIGHTNING LANE to board! Standby was a ludicrous 170 minutes. Saw the fireworks, not as good as MK but still a great show all things considered. Had a delicious lunch at Spice Road Table in Morocco and a good dinner at the crêpe place in France. Also tasty ice cream at L’artisan des glaces. Genie+ cost $29.82 per person with tax. It saved us 365 minutes relative to posted standby wait times (and accounting for the 35 minute lightning lane wait at Remy). I also purchased an ILL for GotG and rode solo for the first time. Great ride! Here were the posted wait times of rides when we used Genie+ LL:

Remy: 170 (but we had to wait 35 minutes)

TT: 85

Soarin: 90

Nemo: 15

Spaceship Earth: 30

Tuesday Feb. 20
Travel/hotel day. Finally some good sunny weather. We relaxed by the pool and resort grounds and flew back home.

We were initially planning on 2 days at MK and no Epcot. However, the rain kept the crowds at bay at MK, and around noon I made the executive decision that we were going to get everything done at MK in 1 day and see another park on Monday. It worked out thankfully.

It was a lot of fun. Thanks for everyone who provided advice/knowledge/etc.


Nice report. I had no idea February was so busy! Was there some event going on?

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dang :frowning:

Sounds like you had a really great trip despite some challenges, not the least of which was the weather. I was there in June 2021 and it rained every single fricken day, most of them for a large part of the day. In the beginning it was amusing; my attitude was far less sunny by the end. You kept your spirits up better than me!

What an annoyance about Paradiso 37. I never hear anything about that place so for this to be essentialy the only thing I’ve ever heard does not have me running to make an ADR. Did they ever at least try to say what the issue was?

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There’s a lot of talk that it didn’t used to be but has become more so. Presidents’ Day weekend has become busier and busier over time, then runDisney Princess Weekend comes in right behind that. I was lucky to have reasonable crowds in the very first week of the month, but the day I was leaving allllllllll (and I mean allllllll) of the cheerleaders from the entire country arrived. I was not sad to be dodging that.


I heard there was some sort of national cheerleading/dance event going on at Disney, not sure though.


Paradiso 37 basically just said they couldn’t seat us because there are no tables and “we don’t know why, we’re sorry.” They offered to bring us some appetizers while we were waiting and about 40 minutes past our reservation time the manager said we’d eat for free, but we and the kids (we were with another family of 4 too) were unwilling to stick around and see how much longer everything would take.


Really weird

Did you notice people coming and going? Was there a game on or something that they could see and so they were sitting? Was it free drinks day? :laughing:

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What shoe covers did you use? Any chance you have pics?

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No pics, but this is what I used. Both my wife and I were very happy with these for $17. No holes after 13 hours of trekking around MK.

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Thanks! My old lady feet are no longer happy in my Tevas so I need to wear sneakers and wet socks and shoes are no good!

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Thanks for sharing your trip.
I am appalled at what they are charging for Genie+.
I just looked at my plans and TP is predicting $29 G+ for my trip. Absolutely not. Most times I get Genie+ I felt cheated - as in it was an unnecessary purchase.
But then again, I rope drop and can typically knock out a lot of rides in a few hours.


Unfortunately there’s typically big crowds tied to President’s Day long weekend, which also starts off a week a lot of Northern schools have off. The other big one is Mardi Gras. The worst is when they coincide, this year they were one after the other.

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Thanks for sharing all your stats! I love details and seeing how other people do with their planning and how it all works out. I’ll glad you were able to make the most of it trip even in less than ideal circumstances!

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