Trip Report: DisneyGirlMama Does Disney

Once you hit 5 days the cost to add more days is minimal and well worth it even for the opportunity to go in for dining

It’s getting him to agree to the 5th day that’s the hang up right now. Which is why I’m hoping for a sale! :wink:

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Except when the park closes so early you only have time for the early-bird special…

But you’re right- that’s the logic we used for day 6 & 7 of our tickets- we already know one of those tickets will only be used for about 2 or so hours before we leave for the airport.

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If I can get him to agree to 5 days then I’ll get 6 too. We also kinda want to make sure we will indeed still be here. I mean, all signs point to us still being here. But it’s not certain yet.