Trip report: Disney with two little kids and a reluctant husband

I wanted to share a trip report from our May trip to Disney. I still haven’t fully processed if it was a good trip. Sometimes it was great. Sometimes it was horrible. All-in-all it was very stressful. We haven’t decided if we’ll ever do it again. Nonetheless, thank you all for your advice. It made a big difference in my planning, even if everything didn’t go as planned.

Before this trip, I’d been to Disney a few times as a kid and have fond memories. My last trip was in the pre-FP days. I remember some long lines, but also having the freedom of not needing to plan anything. My husband had been once as a kid, but is a dedicated ‘non-theme park person.’ He really, really hates lines and crowds of any sort.

Our DDs were almost 3 and 5.5 for the trip. Both are 100% believers in princesses and pixie dust. They really, really believe in it all. Before the trip they had big discussions about what Elsa was going to make for them out of ice with her magic powers when they met her. For my planning, however, I had no idea what they’d like and what they’d find scary since it is all so real to them. It was really hard to know. I actually canceled a dinner at BOG because my 2 yo started crying when I mentioned that we’d be eating the the Beast’s castle and that he’d be there.

In approaching this trip, I took on planning with gusto, hoping to make it a fabulous trip for my whole family. It felt like a lot of pressure. On reflection, I’m sure I did many things wrong, but it also felt like Disney often made things harder than they needed to be. Anyway, this is the gist. Times are approximate. I probably missed some steps here or there, but this report is too long already. You might want some popcorn, preferably from a refillable bucket.


I’m married to a non-theme park person too. I’m really looking forward to your report, even though I’m just leaving my DH at home.


Day 1 – Sunday, May 5

We left home at 6:30 AM for a morning flight. It was relatively uneventful, except for a big meltdown from my 5 yo at the airport. She wanted a breakfast pastry right when it was time to board, so she melted and I had to drag a screaming, thrashing child onto the plane. She settled down once we were seated for an easy flight.

Upon arriving in Orlando, we made our way to Magical Express. We waited about 25 minutes to board, but departed immediately once we were seated. My 5 yo melted again while waiting in line. I think she was just amped up and struggling with waiting. Once the bus left, it was an easy ride. Our second stop was the Polynesian. It was about noon and we got our room ready text while on the bus. We went right to our room, dropped our luggage and put our kids in swimsuits. We wanted to get some of their energy out after a morning of sitting and lines.

We headed over to the pool, but stopped for food first at Captain Cooks. We made our kids have lunch so they wouldn’t get hangry—this is a big issue for them. We had a good enough quick meal of noodles and a Dole whip. The weather was lovely and sunny. I took the kids to a quick bathroom break, only to step out of the bathroom to a clap of thunder. They blew the whistle and cleared the pools. Dark storm clouds were on the distant horizon. My 5 yo melted. She had really, really wanted to swim. My almost 3 yo melted too.

We scooped up our crying kids, went back to the room, put them back into clothes because it didn’t look like a short storm, and waited out a terrible squall that rolled in so quickly. Super heavy wind and rain for about 30 minutes.

We quickly regrouped, and told them that we were going to the parks early to ride rides. They perked up. We popped them in the stroller with a rain cover, pulled on our ponchos and headed to the monorail for MK in a steady rain. Upon arriving at the MK station, the squall started up again bigtime. Super heavy rain and wind. Big thunder and lightning. Lots of people, even under the shelter, were getting soaked. We waited out the worst of it for about 30 minutes before heading into the park in a steady downpour.

All of our FPP were set for after our 4:05 dinner at CRT because we were planning to swim and I didn’t want to worry about flight delays. So my new goal was just to do easy things to kill some time before dinner. We did a quick ride on the teacups with no line. Happy kids. A quick ride on the carousel. Happy kids. Micky’s Phillharmagic. Super happy kids—they loved this show.

Coming out of that show my husband commented that it looked like Disney was full of homeless people. Large numbers of soaked people were laying on the gross ground under every overhang. It was hard to get past them carrying kids to exit the theater. I checked MDE and decided to head towards Small World, but when we got there it was closed. I looked at MDE and literally couldn’t find anything that was open without a 100+ minute line. All of the outdoor rides were closed. Almost all of the indoor rides were closed. We started wandering in the drizzle, which perhaps wasn’t my best moment. I didn’t want to stop for food because we had a reservation coming up. We tried to see if anything might be reopening Haunted Mansion, Country Bears, Magic Carpets, Jungle Cruise, Splash, Big Thunder, and Pirates, but they were all closed with no sign of reopening. Completely thrown off by the closures, I asked a cast member what we should do. She suggested Buzz, but that had a long wait on the other side of the park. We wandered a bit more—sopping wet with now grumpy kids. The rain had stopped and it looked like things might reopen. We happened to be near Magic Carpets as it reopened, so we jumped on that. Happy kids.

We decided to head over to CRT to see if we could check in. It was 4 PM. The CM told us that we could check in at our reservation time, but that really we should come back after 4:30 PM because they couldn’t get us in sooner. We wandered again. Most rides still hadn’t reopened even though the rain had mostly stopped, so lines were pretty long everywhere. We got the kids pixie dusted at Castle Couture, got some smashed pennies, and went back to check in. Got into the castle at 4:40 PM. Met Cinderella at 4:50 PM. Seated at 5:05 PM.

Our kids were ridiculously excited to meet the princesses. Our almost 3 yo had a prioritized checklist of who she had to meet. It was all she’d been talking about for weeks. Our 5 yo was really amped up too. Our table, however, happened to be on the side of the room such that we were the very last table the princesses visited on their rotation. Our kids thought this was agony. We had planned to distract them with food, but our food took at least 45 minutes to arrive. The wait for food and princesses was pretty miserable. Our kids were hungry, overexcited and bored all at once. The ballroom did something with wands, but we couldn’t see or hear with a pillar in the way and our waitress had never brought their wands so my kids started sobbing. Still no food. Still no princesses. Now no wands. We put them back together and finished strong with princesses, dinner and a wand from the waitress, but it wasn’t a great experience overall. Everything was crammed into the last 20 minutes (yes, three courses and all princesses). We got out right after 6 PM. If you asked my kids, they felt like they waited from 4 PM-5:45 PM to meet the princesses—an eternity for them.

Our 7DMT FPP had been from 5:30-6:30 PM, but had converted to an anytime FP. The ride had reopened, but the FPP line went all the way around past BOG. A cast member said it would take about 45 minutes. We couldn’t make this work with angsty kids and needing a childswap, so we stopped at the guest relations booth just across from 7DMT and waited in a line several families deep. That cast member was pretty incredulous when I asked if they’d extend our anytime FP because we couldn’t wait for 7DMT that evening with little kids. He only wanted to extend it to the next day, but we weren’t going to be back at MK the next day. He offered us a tier 2 at Epcot for the next day, but that seemed like a pretty crappy trade. He eventually relented and extended it to Thursday, so we could use it on our MK day. Awesome.

We headed over to Space Mountain for our 6:30 PM FPP. We got a childswap. I rode with my DD5. It was her first rollercoaster ever and she looooved it. My husband planned to take my DD2 on the People Mover during the swap, but the PM closed so he just ended up waiting with her. We swapped kids and he went to ride Space with DD5, who was so so so so thrilled to show her Dad her new favorite ride. I went to take my DD2 on the PM, which had just reopened. Right as I sat down on the PM, he texted that Space was down. He waited with my DD5 while we finished the PM. He was pretty miffed because the cast member had told him that his FP had expired because the ride was open during our FPP window, but that childswaps don’t convert to an anytime FP and that he was out of luck.

By that time, our FPP for Buzz was open, so we went to ride that. Tons of fun. Happy kids. My husband can’t do spinning rides and our prior rides were teacups, carousel, and magic carpets, so this was literally his only ride of the day. He was pretty bummed overall, but had a really good time on Buzz. I snagged a FPP for Tinkerbell for our way out of the park thinking it would be an easy end to the night. We waited in line for Tink for more than 30 minutes without moving forward a single person. We finally bailed when our kids declared themselves done with waiting and monorailed back to the resort for an 8:30 PM bedtime.

On the way back we realized that, for two of us, MDE had used anytime FP for Tink instead of the specific FP for her. No idea why. We were in the middle of the FP window. My husband stopped at the desk at our hotel after bedtime. They fixed our anytime FP and gave him a FP for Space to replace the one he didn’t get to use, but wouldn’t give him one for our DD5 so that they could ride together. They told him that childswaps can’t be extended for ride closure. Leaving that interaction, he was pretty grumpy that they wouldn’t just set it up so he could ride with DD5. The whole point for him was to ride with our 5 yo on her first roller coaster. He doesn’t really care to ride alone. Spoiler alert, he never did use that FP.


Day 2 – Monday, May 6

Our plan this day was to do a PPO breakfast at Garden Grill. All of my planning paid off. We arrived right on time and rolled into Garden Grill right at 8:02 AM. We had a lovely breakfast and enjoyed meeting the characters, wrapping up by 8:40 AM. We went down, got a childswap for me and DD5 for Soarin’ and my husband and DD5 rode on the first flight. They were done at 8:55 AM, so we hustled over to FEA. We ended up being right behind the International Gateway RD crowd, but ahead of the Front Gate RD crowd. Were off the ride by 9:15 AM. Went to meet Elsa and Anna, my DDs’ most coveted meet and greet of our visit. We waited about 30 minutes, which seemed long versus what I’d seen on TP. I suspect we should have done the meet ahead of FEA, but who knows. By 10 AM we were leaving Epcot, on our way to Blizzard Beach.

We snagged a Minnie Van with a super nice driver and arrived at BB by 10:20 AM. The place was empty. The weather forecast had been for an 80% chance of thunderstorms all the way up until to 9 AM, before miraculously clearing. If the forecast had looked bad at 10 AM, we had been planning just to hang in Future World. But it cleared and we had BB to ourselves. We had a really great time. We took the bus back to the resort at 1 PM, had a quick lunch in the rooms and naps. My DD5 slept like a log. Much to my chagrin, my overtired almost 3 yo refused to nap and stayed up the entire naptime.

We headed back into Epcot by monorail around 4 PM, rode Mission Space (childswap), Spaceship Earth, and Soarin’ (me + DD5 w/ childswap from the morning) / Living with the Land (DH + DD2). We had a 5:30 PM FPP for FEA. We rode it again, but my DD2 declared it too scary. She adores Frozen and knows every lyric to every song, but really really didn’t like the ride. We went to a 6:30 PM ADR at La Hacienda. At this point my un-napped almost 3 yo melted. Hardcore. While waiting for our food she took off running and made it out of the restaurant and halfway around Internationals Showcase before I caught her, dodging people the whole way. I tended to her screaming self while my DH and DD5 ate. We went back to the resort for an 8 PM bedtime.

This was a good day, despite the dinner hysterics. I’m so glad we did the waterpark. My kids and husband really adored it.


Day 3- Tuesday, May 7

This was our EMM day at MK. We got there right on schedule, got into MK, and were super happy. We found out right when we entered that 7DMT was down, but they made it sound like it would reopen soon. I hadn’t been planning to ride it until the end of the window, so we just went about our business. We met the princesses, rode Small World, rode PP x 2, and rode WtP x 2. We kept stopping at 7DMT, but they didn’t have an update for when it would open. With about 15 minutes until park opening, we stopped by 7DMT and they told us that they were extending the FP window for all of EMM for Fantasyland until noon, except for Belle. This threw a bit of a wrench in our plans since we were planning to hop to AK after EMM.

Trying to make up for the prior Space Mountain disappointment, I sent my DH and DD5 to wait at the rope near teacups to RD Space Mountain while I hung with my DD2 in Fantasyland. They tried, but found out at opening that Space Mountain was down. So was 7DMT. So was Splash. At that moment I made the executive decision to try to get my husband and DD5 on Big Thunder. They really really wanted to ride a roller coaster together. We raced across the park, past scores of befuddled 7DMT rope droppers, to Big Thunder. We were behind the actual RD crowd, but ahead of most folks who hadn’t yet regrouped from the insane number of RD ride closures. I got a childswap, and sent my husband and DD5 on Big Thunder. They waited about 20 minutes. I rode the teacups with my DD2 while we waited, and then met them at the EMM breakfast. Lots of running back and forth.

After breakfast we stopped back at 7DMT, still down. Waiting, we rode Dumbo with a 30 minute FP wait. DD5 accidentally scanned her magic band at Dumbo even though we had an EMM band, so we had to go to Guest Relations to get her anytime FPP put back on her band. Still waiting for 7DMT, DD5 rode Barnstormer with DH. Still waiting, I took DD5 on Big Thunder with the childswap while DH took DD2 on Little Mermaid (which she thought was too scary). Finally at noon we called it. They had extended the EMM FP window to 2 PM, but we just couldn’t wait anymore. We had FPP at AK that afternoon. 7DMT, Space and Splash were all still down. Fantasyland was a total zoo with people waiting for 7DMT to reopen. We monorailed back to the resort and put kids down for a nap. My DD5 slept like a log. DD2 refused to even close her eyes until 5 minutes before we were supposed to leave.

During the nap I called guest relations to see if I could get a FP for the 7DMT that we missed at EMM. They told us we could get a FP for that day (we weren’t going back to MK) but nothing else. It was really frustrating. People on here told me to go see Guest Relations in person.

At 3 PM, with an awake 5 yo and a newly sleeping, very overtired 2 yo, I scooped my 2 yo up and carried her to the AK bus, trying my darndest to keep her asleep. We arrived at AK, only to realize that we hadn’t brought shoes for crankypants DD2. Oops. Fifty dollars later, she had a nice pair of light up Minnie crocs.

Using our first FFP of the day, we really enjoyed Kilimanjaro Safari. We were supposed to do Gorilla Trail after, but my DD5 was too hopped up from adrenaline to slow down. She declared it boring and ran through the trail. Then we had a FP for FOP, which is a haul from KS. We fastwalked, dodging people all the way to Pandora and stood in a long line to get another childswap. DH was supposed to get food with DD2 while I rode FOP with DD5. (This was one day when the parks seemed super crowded to us. So many people everywhere. Our TP didn’t leave nearly enough time to get anywhere.)

We really loved FOP, but came out to find that DH hadn’t gotten food. He’d missed that memo. Both girls were cranky and I wanted to make the 5 PM Lion King show, which we’d been planning to do before KS until we were delayed by EMM. We hauled it back across the park for the show. We thought we’d get food near the Lion King, but couldn’t find any food. Kids melted. My husband found corn on the cob, but my 5 yo had a wiggly tooth and couldn’t bite into it. She melted again. We found something she’d eat at the bottom of our bag. We all loved the Lion King show.

Then we had a FPP for Kali River. We hauled it over there as fast as we could given the crowds. Fun ride. At this point we were all pretty wiped, but DH hadn’t gotten to ride FOP. We started back over to Pandora when he saw the Bugs Life show. He thought he remembered it from when he was a kid and really wanted to see it. I told him DD2 would be scared, but he really wanted to see it. I relented. It scared the beejezus out of our 2yo who screamed and sobbed. I told him that I’d take her back to the resort while he rode FOP with DD5.

On the way out of the park I spontaneously decided to stop at Guest Relations. It had been a really stressful day and I was pretty darn miffed at how the extensive MK closures had been handled. DD2 had settled and I decided it was now or never. Guest Relations ended up adding 3 non-Toy Story anytime FP to our account for HS for the next day and 3 anytime FPP to our account for MK for Thursday. I thanked them hoping that the anytime FFP would take some of the stress off of trying to get things done in our final two park days.

We ended up meeting DH and DD5 at the bus stop and riding back together. I later saw that Guest Services had saved over our existing anytime FPP for MK, so we had a total of 3 anytime FPP for our MK day, not 4. Ok.


Day 4 – Wednesday, May 8

We weren’t necessarily planning to RD HS given the rumors of TSL mayhem, but my kids were awake so we just headed out as we were ready that morning. We ended up being in the front row of people in the bypass holding area. At RD, for whatever reason, the cast members let us merge in front of the people from the main holding area. This put us at the very, very front of RD for Toy Story Land. People from the main area were yelling things at us about how they waited longer, but its one of those situations where you just keep walking. There’s no stopping to let someone go in front in a crowd like that.

Given our position, I briefly contemplated riding SDD, but we needed a childswap and had a FPP for later in the day. We rode TSM and AS2 as a family before getting pop tarts at the Woody’s Lunchbox. Fun rides. Then we headed over to meet Olaf. Olaf was a super big hit with my kids, but the advertised 5 minute wait was more like 40 minutes. We used one of our anytime FPP for the Frozen Sing Along, but it really wasn’t necessary. The show wasn’t full. My DD5 melted right as we got into the theater because her wiggly tooth was about to come out and she’d been refusing to eat because it hurt. I suspect that my DH was pulling it out right as DD2 was belting out “Let it go!”

All of this made us late for our ToT FP. We raced across the park, but ran into the Star Wars march and had to fight crowds. We got to ToT and got a childswap. DH birthday shopped with DD2 while I rode with DD5. This turned out to be DD5’s favorite ride of the trip. After ToT, we didn’t have time to use the childswap because we had an ADR for SciFi for 11:25 AM. We hightailed it back across the park. Again. We checked in, were seated and they took our order. Whew. We were ready for a quiet break and lunch.

Then the fire alarms went off. We were evacuated. The waitresses did their best to entertain people with hula hoops, but it was pretty well chaos. Many flavors of Guest Relations shuttled people who hadn’t been seated off to other restaurants. Those who had eaten already paid and left. We had left some of our things inside the restaurant and weren’t given an option to go elsewhere. They passed out bottles of water. Finally, after about 50 minutes they asked those who had been seated to line up. We were all so so hot and hangry by then. We stood in the sun in line holding our kids for about 20 minutes. At this point we couldn’t figure out why they had us line up. Then they told us that we were all going to have to check in and wait to be seated again. My husband broke. He shouted that they shouldn’t have asked us to line up if they weren’t ready to seat us. Some very, very kind soul then walked us right to our table. We had to order again, track down our stuff that had been moved, and wait for food. They brought french fries to calm the starving children and a sangria for my DH. Our lunch was comped. Someone handed out paper FP for Toy Story Land. Someone from Guest Relations said they were adding one FPP for Toy Story Land and three anytime FPP for HS to our bands. We ate quickly, tipped our kind waitress really well, and got out of there right around 2 PM.

We had missed our FP for Star Tours so we ran over to the Beauty and the Beast show, which my kids loved. Then DH and DD5 used their childswap for ToT while I took DD2 to Little Mermaid. They were going to ride ToT again with one of our anytime FPP, but it turns out that Guest Relations at SciFi had saved over our FPP that I was given at HS and the new FPP excluded ToT. Slightly bummed, they met us in TSL. DH wasn’t up for finding Guest Relations and trying to explain. It was just too much.

In TSL, we used our regular timed FPP for SDD with a childswap. Then we used the paper FP for another go on SDD with a childswap, so DD5 got to ride 4 times in a row. Then we used our TSL FPP for a family ride on TSM. Happy enough, we headed back to the resort for pool time and a Twilight Feast. (My kids were pretty bummed because the main pool with the slide was closed for “scheduled maintenance” but we made do with the smaller pool.)


Day 5 – Thursday, May 9

This was our last park day and another MK day. We weren’t necessarily planning to RD, but our kids were awake so we ended up there well in time for RD. I decided to skip the RD for 7DMT because it is intense and opted against the Space RD because it might not be open, in favor of Big Thunder and Splash. My hope was that at least one of these would be running. Redundancy. It turns out that all of the headliners were open, so we RD’d Big Thunder, getting a childswap. I took DD2 to magic carpets while DH and DD5 rode.

Then we rode standby for Jungle Cruise as a family. This was the recommendation on my Touring Plan, but I’m not sure I agree. The line seemed to spike right when we got in line and was nearly non-existent when we got off. Then we used one of our anytime FPP for Pirates, before heading back to use my childswap on Big Thunder while DH took DD2 to the Tiki Room. It turns out that Big Thunder used my 11 AM FPP instead of my childswap, even though it was well before 10:30 AM when I tapped in. This meant a 20 minute trip to Guest Relations to get my FPP back. Then we did our timed FFP for Big Thunder and Splash with a childswap for each. DD2 rode Magic Carpets again and did Country Bears.

Fearing potential ride closures, we then headed over 7DMT to childswap with our anytime FPP. Finally. The ride was fine, but I think we were both so frustrated by all of the hoopla necessary to get that ride that we didn’t really enjoy it.

Next we had lunch scheduled at BOG. Both our DDs were hot and tired at this point. Lunch was fine, but they were both big grumps. Tired and stressed. Us adults also didn’t know how drinks or food delivery worked, so we kept wondering if we were doing things right. Fortunately, everyone perked up with cupcakes at the end. The grey stuff is delicious.

After lunch, we had our FPP for Enchanted Tales with Belle. My DD2 had been fretting all week that she hadn’t seen Belle because the Beast had her locked in his castle She was so worried. Practically panicked. We had tried to tell her that Belle was fine and the Beast is nice, but she wouldn’t hear it. When Belle walked in, my DD let out a half sob and ran to give Belle a hug. It was so sweet. Walking out of the session she declared Belle to be fine and looked so relieved. It’s like the weight of the world lifted off her little shoulders.

Then we headed out of the parks around 2:30 PM for naps. We rested until about 6 PM, before eating in the room and heading in for the dessert party. When we got into MK, we decided to use our final anytime FPP for Space Mountain. We did a childswap again. DD5 finally rode Space with her dad while DD2 got to ride the people mover over and over—her favorite ride.

Both kids and my DH absolutely adored the dessert party. The fireworks and viewing were great. We snagged a post fireworks FPP for Buzz that kept us out of the crowds a bit. My 5 yo melted on the monorail ride back in a spectacular fashion that I’m sure still has people talking about what terrible parents we are, but we survived. We did exactly one post-bedtime evening spectacular and lived to tell the tale.


Day 6 – Friday, May 10

This was my DD’s birthday: my almost 3 yo finally turned 3. We had originally thought about doing a breakfast at 1900 Park Fare because my kids love Mary Poppins, but we cancelled mid-week and chose to use the time at Typhoon Lagoon instead. The kids were over waiting for anything, even to meet favorite characters.

My husband started the day by taking Magical Express to the airport to get a rental car, since our trip was ending with a visit to the grandparents. I packed. We loaded up. We hit up Disney Springs for souvenirs, followed by a lovely few hours at TL. The waterparks were a huge, huge hit for my family. TL wasn’t quite as empty as BB had been earlier in our trip, but it was still a relaxing visit compared to our experiences in the parks. It was a good ending.


You had such a rough first day, I’ve never heard of so many rides being down and I felt so sorry for everyone there. I really hope things improved!

Thanks for sharing your report! Even when things don’t go as planned or kids misbehave/get tired/etc., it is important that we all give each other and those around us a little grace and remember that everything can’t be perfect.


Wow, this sounds so stressful, with so many unanticipated things going wrong - I’m glad you can still look back and say that parts of it were wonderful!


This trip report should have come with a trigger warning. I’m stressed out. :wink:


Oh gosh! I can’t even cope with how many things went wrong. I’m so glad it ended well!


ty for sharing, love reading reports but I was starting to get an anxiety attack from reading your report lol but im glad things ended well and some parts were good! seems like the perfect storm of unfortunate events that happened~

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Other than in the “Disappointing things to happen” thread, this is likely the worst trip report/vacation experience I’ve ever read! And by that, I just mean the way things played out for you on your trip (not the way you wrote it!).

It does make me nervous for our May 2020 trip, although we are going second week of May, not first.


I am so sorry you had such a frustrating trip. We will be going in late October with grandchildren of a similar age. In retrospect, have you thought about what you could have done differently? (Besides not have gone at all :frowning: ) The only thing I can think of is to have booked a a few more days for your trip so that you had more flexibility to miss things/change your plans. But of course, even more $$$$. And how could you “plan” for all those rides being down and the weather? And you can’t control whether an over tired child will nap.

Sobering trip report for me to read. What you experienced is what my husband fears (he wanted us to wait a few more years til grandkids were older) so keeps saying, "I really hope I don’t end up telling you, ‘I told you so!’ I’m glad he’s not on this forum.

And again, so sorry your trip was not the magical one you had planned and hoped for.

oh I forgot to reference the fire alarm at Sci-Fi — seriously, your trip was practically cursed! So unfair.

Oh my gosh! I had a pain in my chest reading this trip report. It sounds like such a stressful trip. :disappointed_relieved: I’m so sorry! I’m glad that you can look back and say that some parts were great!


I have been at least 6 times with my kids of varying ages and I’m can’t think of ANYTHING that happened to me close to any of the things that happened to you!!! I’m so sorry!!!


That is unfortunate and most of it is an anomaly. Chances are if you go again you won’t have a fire alarm and so many rides down. Wait a few years when kids are a bit older and it will be easier as well.

I just went with a 2.5 and 4.5 yo. We were lucky we had no major hiccups and the kids had no meltdowns only just normal whining.

My kids napped well in the stroller. Jay might be something to consider if you do go again during nap age. Being forced to nap especially at a place so exciting rarely works. The heat gets to them and they may pass out on their own. This will save you a lot of back and forth time as well.

You did have some good times and hopefully you and your family will remember the good times.

You will always have great stories.

Definitely give yourself a Disney break but perhaps reconsider in a few years.