Trip Report - Disney Portrait Photography - Wonderful!

One thing that I don’t believe I saw in the “Unofficial Guides” was the Disney portrait photography. It was my wife’s 60th birthday celebration with all of our children and grandchildren. What she wanted most of all was a family portrait (not a photopass quick photo with tons of people in the background, but a real posed portrait.) We paid $195 for private access to the Rose Garden at Cinderella’s Castle with a portrait photographer for 15 minutes. He was great! We actually had him for about 1/2 hour and he was exceptional! The photos are so beautiful and perfectly suited for framing. I kind of found it quite by accident on the “mydisneyexperience” app.


Great report- thanks! It is something you hear very little about.

We are on site and will look into that. Great idea.

Was it inside or outside?

This is wonderful! Share a picture! Share a picture!


I have searched the app for Disney Portrait with no success?

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Thank you.

You know, compared to the usual price points one sees for various WDW things, that seems to be a very nice deal!

Thanks for the tip - adding to my Maybe list for our next (currently theoretical) trip.

I’ve been looking into this as well. I have been reluctant to pull the trigger because no where have I been able to see an actual photo from the mini-shoot. If you would show yours here, I think many of us would appreciate seeing it!

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I Googled for photos myself wondering how they come out (knowing Photopass results are a mixed bag) and found this Disney Parks Blog post from 2012:


Outside in a private area (The Rose Garden) near Cinderella’s Castle, although there are other locations available.

Here is one of about 100 pictures:


Just added a photo in my reply to chann856.

It’s just one of about 100 photos to choose from.

I just added a photo to reply to chann856. It’s just one of about 100 photos.

We did this back in 2007! I’m glad to see they are keeping it around.

On the MDE app, go to guest services and it will be there under “Disney Fine Art Photography.” On the site, they have examples to look at.

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Yes, I have seen those. Thank you for posting for others. There is also a gallery on the Disney Fine Arts website. However, I was more curious about the mini-sessions that I assume the OP was specifically discussing. I apologize if I am wrong, but I think he used the photo sessions that happen during normal park hours, based on the location and price quoted. Those are the specific photos I wanted to see, and I do appreciate being able to see one for myself.

So also, thank you to @hollowayb for giving us a sample. I’m glad to know it was a good experience and you were happy with your photos. Certainly gives me something to think about.

We went last November and I hadn’t heard about this then. I heard about this a few weeks ago and during our next trip, I will get one as a surprise to my wife and kids. I’m thinking we will do the 1 hour park shoot in Animal Kingdom, but since we aren’t going until 2020, we have time to decide. This picture just reaffirms my wanting to do this. Great pic!

Shhh! Don’t tell my wife! I want it to be a surprise!

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What a great family pic. Thanks for sharing feedback on something that is harder to get info on.

Super hard to find. No locator in the app and Disney photo service counter do not know who they are. Unless you have US phone or access to a one then it is impossible.

Been in the photo shop in magic kingdom for nearly 30 mimutes witjout sucess.

Looking the magic…m

For those looking to plan this. After I called this morning I was informed thatbthe photoshoots take place on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday only.

We will still try and in if we can make it work.