Trip Report (Dec 2-9 and MVMCP)

Hello all! I love reading trips reports on here, so I decided to write one myself. It is super long, so I am sharing my Blogger link if you want to read. Lots of pics too!


Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you had a great time!

We did!!

Sounds like a great trip! Your niece and nephew are definitely lucky to have you!


what an amazing auntie you are! You said the frozen desert party was the best? I am planning a trip in april and was going to do the HEA dessert party, but now I’m wondering if the other one is better

Well I didn’t do HEA to compare, but I like Illuminations better than HEA so I might be biased. Plus you get the extra fast pass on FEA. Just depends on your priorities :wink:

were you able to sit for the illuminations party? you probably mentioned it in your report but i honestly can’t remember

Yes! At our own table right on the water. No one in front of us!

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ok, wow now I am really torn between the two! might have to save enough to do both!! haha