Trip report days 1,2,3 and 4 The good? The bad and the ugly

Left Sat ,plane ride, bad omen. First I got patted down going through security, why is it always me? Someone refused to wear a face mask on the plane, so we all all to get off the plane after TSA was called in, 2 hour delay got in Orlando late missed our Dinner resides at Olivia’s, ate in DS at chicken guy, blah, just fast food, although I got a milkshake was good but I knocked it over on the table, spilled half of it.
Next day MK, love all the cavalcades. Saw the Cavander Dan’s perform, very cool. Didn’t have enough time to do everything we wanted, feel like the hours cut back are kind of ripping you off, not only are there no shows, etc not enough time to do everything else. Rained miserably most of the day, lines were long for some things. Has Jungle Navigation reservations, was disappointed. My steak was tough, my son didn’t like his chicken, thought it was blah.
Day 3 AK , same with time, not enough hours, lines not as bad except for Navi. Ate at Sulina Canteen, my son loved the bowl he got, I had the cheeseburger pods, blah, too doughy and the meat horrible. Got sick in the stomach afterwards and couldn’t go on FOP, my son rode it. Went to Miromotos for dinner, BEST spare ribs ever!! Great meal and service.
Day 4 Our no park day Went to Wilderness lodge for breakfast, pretty good. Chef Arts for dinner, good as well.
Let’s talk about Caribbean Beach. Love our pirate room, got the corner room we requested through TP. Yeah TP! Beds are soft and comfy. Had the pool to ourselves this afternoon.

Buses are SOooooo slooooow. They told us they start running at 8, first buses both days didn’t show up to almost 9. MK bus at The Trinidad bus stop is the 4 th stop so the buses were full after the first two stops. People calling to complain, they finally sent a bus just to that stop. Next day we walked down two bus stops, but service was just as bad. Never ever again will I not rent a car. I would say if you want to be at AK or MK early rent a car or Uber. We missed rope drop both days even though we at the bus stop super early. Getting home from Disney Springs at night is another nightmare, took us an hour and a half until we finally got a bus.

Social distancing, everyone is good with face masks. I thought I would hate it, but you get use to it. Even young kids are really good with it, so bravo for the youngsters. All lines are are 6 feet apart and most people are being aware and staying their distance. Restaurants same thing, I feel Disney is doing a great job with the whole Covid thing. Feel safer here than I do at work, but that’s a whole other story. Feels more crowded than I expected for September, but maybe it’s not. Cast members are have all been great. Rides are still magical! Here I can forget all the craziness of the world.
HS tomorrow.
Trying to be positive, it’s just so different, really miss FP,s lol. That’s it, have a good night everyone!


I hope you figure out the busses. CBR is a BIG campus to traverse. Love your details. Sorry about too many food mishaps. I’m all ears … .:wink:

Oh, there is a car rental place on property. They will actually bring you a car.

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